yeah it inspired me to add a whole minced clove right at the end of cooking so it would be warm but mostly raw


Was about to buy a dress in the h&m sale but it sold out before I could check out :roll_eyes: going to have some Linda McCartney mini veggie beef wellingtons with mash and gravy


Sounds fine to me (or else…) performs throat cut gesture


Good luck, I’m nervous about the outcome.


I know where you…work. And sometimes cycle.


I missed the question but this has cracked me up


ah ok not to worry


M8 that looks peng.


I’ve said too much


gotta be the worst quiz show on television


It was properly nang.


Customer at work called me a “fucking idiot” when he didn’t even know what a word document was. Classic.


Idk, stuff like pointless makes my blood boil


You absolutely can and you definitely do not need to be ripped or even vaguely strong to get started climbing. I really enjoy going with the TV even though we’re at completely different levels (i go 3 times a week, she’s maybe twice a month) because there’s always easier and harder stuff nearby. Contrast that to doing something like running with a big ability gap.

If you go to any climbing gym you’ll find a massive range of bodies, ages, and abilities in a fantastically supportive environment. Everyone’s challenge is the same whether you’re huffing and puffing up an ‘easy’ route or busting out a one-finger pull-up.

And then if you choose to take it outdoors it’s an amazing way of experiencing nature :slightly_smiling_face:


Hiya everyone :wave:

Watching the new series of Doctor Foster and about to eat some pasta pesto and salad. The bf is away this evening so Masterchef will have to wait for his return tomorrow instead.

Going to spend the evening pottering away, might macrame.

Thought I had something more interesting to contribute but apparently not :grimacing:


I had monkfish curry and saag aloo for dinner. Woof.

Got some homework to do, then going to play a Star Wars card game. I am 32 years old.


it’s true, there are many bad quiz shows. eggheads does my head in though.


Is that pub next door to the workplace in question still awful?


Probably nothing for tea, had a big old lunch.
Feeling pretty bloody down, probably hasn’t shown in my posts hahahahaha hahahahahah hahaha


I;m reading comments on an article about that latest pewdiepie scandal. I’ve need to get a grip.