Oh god yes. The Apple Tree. Terrible place.


The counting house don’t have Café Patron XO anymore so we had to Tweet to find a new pub to move on to!


I remember they changed the name of the pub about 10 years ago in a rebrand, but from all accounts has got even worse since.

Tbh, Haslemere is okay for pubs. Not great, but okay.


@plasticniki informs me we need context. We are in the Counting House in Bank. @UnicornPorn’s fave.

@rich-t I see you typing!


The guy who runs it, Max, is sound, but is the type of Landlord who will scrimp on everything (returned the pub himself and it looks shite, buys booze on the cheap from us and sells it in his gaff I think). Been in there twice, and that’s enough.

I’m always driving, so never get a chance to explore the town properly, and work isn’t exactly in the center of town.


The mill, which is near you, is okay for a pint (worked there for 3 months before storming out over withheld tips). Nice selection of local ales (they serve Timmy Taylor’s too).

That side of town is a bit of a dead zone though. You’ve got Andy’s fish bar and the hokey kokey, and not much else.


Does that sign say “Reserved for Lauren Cum”?!


That’s the one the other side of the railway near the roundabout right?


Oh god I’m wearing a Darth Vader t-shirt and Stormtrooper slippers too.


Alright m9?


You can say that again!


Just spent a good 5 minutes being blasted by my burglar alarm after walking through my front door, turning to the alarm and completely blanking on my code.

Neighbours were quite understanding about it.




I did that during the summer when I was visiting my parents. Their whole estate could hear the alarm and their neighbours came over to check what was going on. Of course it was just me, pissed, after forgetting the alarm code. Highly embarrassing.


At least you had being boozed upp as an excuse.


I quite admire your commitment to baths Bam. I haven’t had one in years.


True. I was absolutely scundered and it was only around six in the day which wasn’t a good look.






Ended up going to the doctors after work last night after throat felt like it was swelling up. Lump still in the neck and was quite frankly bricking it all of last night.

Took day off today as was in no way fit to go in. Calmed down a bit. Currently making fantasy football spreadsheets using vlookups to take my mind off it.