It would be so cool to set up a secret facebook group for women in niche, male-dominated geeky communities as a safe space for celebration, venting and encouragement… Just not sure how much of a market there is for it.



cant smoke blunts though :frowning:




There’s so many great dogs and cats in Amsterdam :heart_eyes_cat::dog::heart_eyes:


I basically only do now because my body is a temple


How is John Torrode the colour of cement


doesn’t really apply to anything I’m into but I’m sure there are loads of women who would love this


I think the local sports centre has a climbing wall, it might be something I could try when my mum starts taking my son to the pool there for swimming lessons (I don’t swim). I imagine that as well as being good exercise it is quite calming in a way? Being able to focus on a goal and finding a way to get there…


did go through a period of using a herbal tobacco substitute, but I went off that quickly.

I tell myself that I use baccy because it doesn’t burn as well as the :four_leaf_clover: but its really cuz I love nicotine.


I just guarantee strength because I’m daft. My old man uses herbal stuff, I don’t like the taste very much, but it’s doable. It seems to leave bits of burnt herbs hanging in the air like little crotchets which is nice.


Although I’ve eaten so many kroketten and bitterballen that my farts are pure rancid.


Eating fish fingers, drinking beer and err watching the crow


The crow, nice


That’s a solid evening. I’m supposed to be working but I’m watching hockey and thinking about making some tea.


Heard a snippet of conversation that made me think the world is taking the piss out me and my undateable-ness today. It was made worse by the fact that it was like walking past NPCs in a video game and hearing a perfect snippet of chat with a beginning, middle, and end.

GUY: Have you ever had a partner who’s name wasn’t (my name)?

GIRL: Yeah… some… (or something to that effect)


Just finally got in from work with a curry and nice beer.

Caterham (where I live) and Croydon (where im from) are featured on Location Location Location, so I’m watching that.


Whatcha watching?


Watching this baking show. Why do people like this again?


Still catching up on the Amsterdam matches from last month, so Germany/Poland at the moment, which is pretty cracking!


:+1: if you want to watch some live hockey, Cardiff Met play in the second English tier (so reasonable standard) and play at Sofia Gardens. League will be starting back in a couple of weeks.