Thanks Bam :heart:

I need a hug, feeling a wee bit sorry for myself :confused: Haha, not that I deserve any sympathy at all. It’s all self inflicted.


Oh no, I was just pointing out that the guy’s experience wasn’t out of the ordinary!

You could have done that if you wanted?



what have you got to feel sorry for? Sorry for being TOO AWESOME!!?>!


Great venue that!


A lot of that post resonates with my own feeling sorry for myself, as well. Have a simulacrum hug!


It is! I’ve played in there a few times, cracking spot.


can’t wait for some of the geekier people on here to hear my new record! :slight_smile: One month or so I reckon


Aww, hugs to yoooou! Come over and have some tea and a duvet :blush:


I played there once quite a few years ago, stayed in the little flat above it/nextdoor which was a bonus!


I guess that’s how they built Torrodes back then


^ better than it had any right to be


No way! That must have been so handy! We always haf to drive home to Cork afterwards, which was a pain.


Played somewhere in Cork once too but cant remember the name… upstairs, near a river, Thin Lizzy photos everywhere…


Haven’t been on here this evening. But hugs to all of you who need them. I have long arms and you’re all awesome.


I think I just wanted to type “demented Pokemon mating call” tbh





Fred Zeppelin’s? That sounds like it could be it!




As much as I’d love to have played a venue called 'Fred Zeppelin’s" it turns out it was just called “The Whiskey”?!