What ya up to? Missed my train so fucked off to a pub for food and a pint. Will almost certainly miss the next train.

What are ya gonna do weds now that masterchef is over?

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Watch Chelsea I expect. Hope they lose tbh

Got a load of work to do though …cooking cauli cheese for dinner so that’s a bonus anyway.

Did you go to that APTBS show the other night?

smh man

Hello all! Having pints with some ATDs bow, followed by going to LCD Soundsystem. Today’s going to be a good day.


Alright team, having a couple of beers cos I’m now on ma holidays.
Gonna pack later whilst drinking loads of vino and listening to some records :+1:

Fuckin yaaaasssss

hi everybody!

I’m great thanks :slight_smile: x

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I had a long shit day so I’m getting pizza and going to watch the old football


Me 2

You totally live in reading.

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Size of this fucking calzone !!

(sorry @Ruffers )


my sister to family whatsapp group: HMRC have taken 56% of my pay cheque :triumph:

me: :joy:

any ideas how she could be getting taxed that high? i mean emergency tax codes will take more than the right amount but not more than half surely!?

she’s in glasgow, but scottish tax brackets aren’t that different

Lads lads lads lads!

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Flat 56% tax rate in Glasgow, socialist utopia


Went to the Guinness factory and had some Guinness then went for some afternoon tea in a swish hotel. I would have afternoon tea every single day if I could. Now nursing a full belly before heading out for some drinks and possibly some more food.

Probably a reclaim of an overpayment. Ask her what the tax code says on her payslip.


It’s starting to get to the stage of year where the floorboards in our house are cold and so walking around on a cold kitchen with just socks on is unpleasant. Options:

  • suck it up (remember when people used to say MTFU on here a lot? I don’t miss that)
  • put some house socks on (fine but then I get too hot and have to take them off again, which is a faff)
  • buy some slippers (but men’s slippers are bogging)

So ASCII shrug

Ffs :smiley:

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:musical_note: miiiiiiiiiddle class proooooblems :musical_note: