Fixed my vacuum cleaner :fist:
Built a cat tower
Cleaned the mouse cage
Fajitas for dinner
Got a headache :upside_down_face:



Just lead a seminar online and it was the most painful thing ever, why did I agree :sob: I was so stilted and kept messing things up and the amount of times I muted myself to hyperventilate is a joke. Gonna go for a walk with some loud music and just try to forget it. Think the worst thing about anxiety is coming off as incompetent or weak, neither of which I am, but it doesn’t help

Good evening scout. I have saucy nduja & beans with gremolata to make but I’m full from chocolate so will have to be later. I’m going to attempt to clear out all the cardboard boxes that have built up from lockdown deliveries and I might even lift up the box I used to squash the massive wasp the other day :grimacing:

Oh no, hope your walk is successful!

I know how you feel as I often feel like this during tours (and my anxiety makes me stutter or say things weirdly), but almost none of the people on my tours have ever noticed. So I promise you it went better than you felt like.


That sounds delicious!

Had a bland veggie chilli for dinner (low heat because of small person). There’s chocolate melt in the middle puddings for later though.

Tonight I shall be listening to French and Belgian psych while my other half zooms with her singing pals.

I’d really like a chocolate pudding now

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But first I’m going to have a great time jumping on this lot


We’re going to justify eating them tonight because the supermarket delivery is coming in the morning and we need to make space in the fridge.


good evening,

here’s a nice bam cover for you all


This pasta dish I made was bloody great


Lovely stuff

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Texted my cuz the other day after he was in hospital and addressed him by my nickname for him, and just remembered that I’ve never been sure if he likes it or not. Been worrying about that up until now tbh.


That looks amazing

I’d be happy with that nickname but you never know. He’s always seemed indifferent

I’m sure he knows you meant it affectionately!

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Thanks Scout!

Is that your photo or the recipe one?


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El pintero

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