Alright? What’s going on today then?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Back at work. Feels fractious

Last day going into school before the “summer holidays”. Weirdly going to miss having something to be up for. Might get a summer job.

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Morning, continuing to move house, which is very boring and tiring and stressful. Extremely tired. Need to get this process finished! Have good Wednesdays everybody!

Morning all. Had a very intense dream in which I’d moved to Glasgow.


Morning Funky (welcome back!), Hoogy, Richy, Fappsy, Shiggsy, Brackets. This is my Monday, so an oddly ho hum feel considering the sun is shining. On the other hand, crumpets with jam for breakfast, so that’s a win.


Think work felt bad they kind of broke me, so have given me about 10 days worth of extra annual leave.
Off with the kiddo today, probs gonna do long walk,beach, cafe, train watching, squirrel and bird feeding

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Morning Funky and friends,

Friend messaged me asking how to tactfully turn down her housemates carb heavy meals and now I really, really fancy a bowl of pasta.

  • Eat your boring granola, you jerk
  • Treat yourself to a pasta n sauce for breakfast, you deserve it, sweet and lovely gnome

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Have a good day, all :blush:

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Morning! Off today, so im going fishing, trying to beat the rain.



Just working as per. Got an old-school Zoom quiz later. Probably need to get out more.

Oooh I’ve also got some 13p curry flavour noodles. Can’t wait to eat those!

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Some people are making a powerful enemy today :angry::angry::angry:


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Oh god.
How do they know?!


Morning all!

We dropped The Child at nursery for the first time in four months. They aren’t open till next week but that’s what she gets for waking me up at 4.30. joke, obviously

I’m going for a haircut in a minute before I spend the day playing computer games. I might go for a Greggs sausage roll on my way back. This is the normalest day of the summer so far.


He’s a fool. Eating pasta at 9am is very nice.

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Late night fox friend!


My internet is down

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