I’m glad you didn’t quit :slight_smile:


Thought for a second you were eating a chicken cornetto, and I was like, there’s only one person i know who eats chicken cornettos.

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Evening. Managed to get an earlier train which means I should get home for 11 rather than 12. Train has about 200 school kids on it though. Had Itsu for tea. Listening to a Jon Ronson podcast. If anyone wants to play I-Spy later you know where to find me.

Been too much pizza lately even by my standards, zeal. Just imagine.

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Could be something in that you know. Make a cone out of a crispy tortilla or something.

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Oh you. If we had the MSN emojis you’d be seeing that little green hugger right now. But we don’t :frowning:

Pizza for lunch, fish portion and roast potatoes for tea.

I’m going to book club in an hour.

In theory it’d be delicious. In practice it’d be Taco Bell.

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Got to go to Florida for work for a couple days next week now poop. At least it’s sunny.

Alright. Thought I’d watch something on Amazon Prime (free trial), only I can’t bloody Chromecast on it. Great.

Ummm, making poached eggs, roasted toms, garlic mushrooms, wilted spinach on bagels for tea when my partner gets in from the gym. CBA m8s, cba

Whereabouts in FL?

Way down, Miramar (near Miami) its looking like.

Ah cool. I was just wondering whether you were heading to demolish my aunt and uncle’s house :sweat_smile:


I just made a chicken kormetto


If I recall they dropped support for Chromecast last year - they didn’t say why, but it’s obviously to sell more Fire Sticks and things.

Haha. This one is just a pre-demo inspection, no buildings get demolished just yet. :smile:

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Yeah, figured thats why. Could do a roundabout why involving sideloading apps, but nah

Coor, that looks fit

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There’s another half of this left. Do I

  • Save it for lunch tomorrow
  • Eat it all now

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Ha, all that way and you don’t even get to break stuff!

My relatives are in Punta Gorda, which is gulf coast, about 45 minutes north of Fort Myers. It’s full of snowbirds but super-friendly

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