I don’t understand chinos. Every couple of years I end up buying some like oh they’ll be good this time. Totally straight leg, shapeless, looks shit??

Went to the tip and got drive thru McDonald’s. What a day


Making tart.

  • 1 tart to share
  • 2 smaller, individual tarts

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Thanks for reminding me I would like baked potato for dinner soon.
@anon19035908 Mrs F is a very lucky woman :blush:

We’re going to drink prosecco, listen to some albums and play Carcassonne.


evening team, currently listening to 6 music, Lamacq just mentioned Drowned in Sound giving Muse a 10 out of 10 for origin of symmetry.

Cooking some fish and veg for my dinner. Might go our for a walk later as i’ve been in all day working etc.


Box of pick n mix Lindt balls


Congratulations have 1000 English points

(Also what was your order)

must be buying the wrong chinos barley.

oh and i have fresh bedsheets tonight so there’s that. :relaxed:

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2 double cheeseburgers
Mozzarella dippers
Hoovered up the leftover chips


did my haircut have anything to do with this

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Yes! I was actually thinking about doing this and forgot! Thank you!

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Keep drinking too much coffee and giving myself THE FEAR

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I have just cleaned the chain, cassette and jockey wheels of my bike. It took white spirits to get the gunk off my hands afterwards. Now I smell like a jar of paintbrushes. Excellent evening thus far!

Already starting to dread my visit to Tesco tomorrow - cannot be fucked making a list.

Quiet day today. Went a walk with the bairn and dog but it drizzled the whole way. Hoping it is slightly better weather tomorrow.

It was already planned but I took it as a sign from God

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sick of how much bacon my housemate eats, kitchen always stinks


My dad video called me basically out of the blue (he messaged me to say it was weird to not have Pip greet him when he went to the lounge to see the gerbils) and I was really surprised and worried he might say Peanut or Pumpkin had gone as well!! Peanut might have had a small stroke as his paw is being a bit odd and he’s shuffling a little bit, please god can him and Pumpkin hang on…

But it was a really nice and positive call and after a week of turbulent interactions with him it has made me feel a lot better. I got to see Peanut and Pumpkin too and Pumpkin looked more active than he did on Saturday :blush:


Brian Harvey dinner here too, already in my belly.

No plans for tonight. Is there anything good in the telly?


I’m wasting my life