Weds banal


still two and a bit hours to go :dizzy_face: fighting the urge for a coffee :rage:

got paid today and wife is out for the evening so gonna buy myself a pizza for tea and watch masterchef. :100:



got turbo beat haven’t i

really cbf though, wanna just get home and slump and do nowt


BoReD aS fUcK m9


Morale is low.


I have decided not to cycle tonight so I’m fucking off home and playing Thimbleweed Park all evening.



[spoiler]going out on a ride tonight. no one else has signed up except me and another guy who’s well fast. shitter.

also need to sort my front derailleur before i go. feeling very cbf about the whole thing tbqh[/spoiler]


had to google this


can’t believe you’ve already turned this into a cycling thread. fuck off, everyone.




[spoiler]fuck mate. that’s certainly a shitter.

talking about faster riders, people are badgering me to go out on the thursday’s “shop ride” (this is like an unofficial penge cc ride on thursday nights) and the slowest folk go is like 26km/h over hilly as fuck north kent for like 50km and i’m like i can’t do that but somehow i’ve said i’ll try? fuck.[/spoiler]


HIYA, no bikes in sight here. Well no, that’s a lie, I’m in the kitchen there is a bike right next to me. I’ll give it a kick though.

We have no internet, we have no tv and therefore we have no masterchef. IT IS BOLLOCKS. We’re going to play some tunes, eat some lasagna and make up some cds for the bf’s tour coming up! So an evening of crafting and lasagne then. Should be not bad.




Gunna go for a run, make some dinner and watch the footy.

What dinner shall I make? I’m in the mood for cooking but something relatively quick, cheers




just got an email notifying me that burger king now delivers to my area



Bored. 30-40 mins to run.

Got a cup of tea and spent the last 10 minutes helping someone on a different team with their job because I’m so bored.


Tempted to put those posts into the cycling thread :smiley:


It’s quite warm in my office but not that warm outside. Curious.


I hope the delivery person turns up like


i for one am not about to find out