Weds eve of film beef and mummy

My facial hair is going grey, owt else?


Probably your pubes too.


Didn’t ask.

Was very unnerved by the photo for a second as I had literally no idea what I was looking at.

Luvvit now boys!


I’ll pm you evidence, don’t worry your boots

They’re loafers.

Should probably go home, eh.

I think that would be for the best

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Got a couple of grey strands in my moustache, it’s pretty annoying they really stand out

My beard is about 8 different colours

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I have a single grey eyelash.

Could probably hide it with mascara.
Usually too lazy to actually put on mascara.

Couldn’t be arsed with anything all day today. Work has been shite, and can’t believe it’s only Wednesday…

I’ve ordered a triple pepperoni stuffed crust pizza and chips.


Dr faustus, you have won Wednesday

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About to make stew and dumplings. I love stew and dumplings.


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Just on the train, collating AQOS answers :eyes:

The bloke next to me is sitting much too close, which meant that I made too much contact with him when I tried to take my jacket off.

Oh and I should have led with this: we forgot to buy dinner tonight so we’re having an unexpected Domino’s! :pizza:

Oh and lastly I’m wondering if @kermitwormit might answer my question or if she’s just answering a few of them :slight_smile:

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Hi CCB! Hi bloke reading this over your shoulder! How you both doing hons?

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Tony pepperonis?


Beef sizzler I think!

He’s playing some brightly coloured game