Weds eve of film beef and mummy

My facial hair is going grey, owt else?


Probably your pubes too.


Didn’t ask.

Was very unnerved by the photo for a second as I had literally no idea what I was looking at.

Luvvit now boys!


I’ll pm you evidence, don’t worry your boots

They’re loafers.

Should probably go home, eh.

I think that would be for the best

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My beard is about 8 different colours

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I have a single grey eyelash.

Could probably hide it with mascara.
Usually too lazy to actually put on mascara.

Dr faustus, you have won Wednesday

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About to make stew and dumplings. I love stew and dumplings.


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Just on the train, collating AQOS answers :eyes:

The bloke next to me is sitting much too close, which meant that I made too much contact with him when I tried to take my jacket off.

Oh and I should have led with this: we forgot to buy dinner tonight so we’re having an unexpected Domino’s! :pizza:

Oh and lastly I’m wondering if @kermitwormit might answer my question or if she’s just answering a few of them :slight_smile:

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Hi CCB! Hi bloke reading this over your shoulder! How you both doing hons?

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Tony pepperonis?


Beef sizzler I think!

He’s playing some brightly coloured game

7-0 to the bracket lads

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Said the man sitting next to CCB while he edits AQOS answers accompanied by very very silly pictures