Weds eve



Nae bad
Just beat the spirit temple. 9.5 hrs in. Just ganons castle to beat!!!
Pad thai on order


I’ve spent three hours in Ely being royally dicked about by people I’m trying to help. I’m now on the train and have cracked open a… Diet Coke.

Happy motherfucking Wednesday everyone.


hi eric and etc


I’m back from Cardiff and as my house is still standing it turns out I did not leave my oven on on Sunday. Phew! Quick turnaround as I’m off to Glasgow for a few days tomorrow so need to do some washing. Not sure what to eat tonight as I’ve eaten atrociously over the last few days and I’m feeling the effects. Need to make a play list for the 6 hour car journey so I don’t end up listening to Radio 1.


Thought I had book club tonight but realised at 3.00 that it was next week. Hoping someone drops out of football so I can play.

Ate charred broccoli and pasta for tea.

Think one of my Higher students dropped two marks across two prelim exams so I’m pretty pleased for her.


Today is my first day at work after week off, and its my long day 9am to 8:30pm.
It’s been a really shitty day, I got to work at 8:50 and I hadn’t even taken my coat off or sat down and someone was after help for a problem they’ve had for a couple of days.

No, how was your break, or a chance for me to sit down, straight in with it, they actually stood there waiting while I booted up my PC. It wasn’t even my problem really, they just needed help.

It’s been crap ever since.

Tonight I’ve just got a ready meal (Lamb Tagine and Coucous), when I get back. I’ll most certainly be having a beer.


Fuck off


Just eaten a tonne of chilli, nachos, soured cream, cheese, red jalapenos and home made guacamole (with avocado, lime juice, tomatoes, garlic, chilli and some salt n pepper).

Can’t really moved now!


Hiya Eric you total leg end :wink: good work with the Zeldaing!

Just back from bodypump and it was nae bad. Not drenched in sweaty horror like usual so I think I need heavier weights. Joined Shudder for a 7 day free trial so might binge watch a load of old school horror films in bed and scream at my long suffering boyfriend to bring me endless cups of tea.

Have a nice and excellent evening one and all!


Evenin DiS,
Trying hard not to crack open a beer, or wine


Lonely and broke.
Off to Bristol tomorrow in the hopes Cloud Nothings play something old, then back to Wales to complain about being lonely and broke.
Tonight, probably just eat my laundry or something.


In a fouler. Watching some old Tracy Morgan stand up. Going to crack a beer and eat some crisps in a minute.

Just got a message from an ATD as well so I’m going to the pub at nine.


I’ve got a bottle of cava in the fridge I’ve threatened to open a billion times over the last wee while :confused: who the heck actually manages to have wine collections? I tried to start one years ago and never managed to have more than 2 in it. Also got asked the question today “how many units of alcohol do you consume a week?” … errrmmm.


Never add it up :grinning::tumbler_glass::beer::wine_glass::cocktail:


Paid the cost to be the boss.


Can I shock you, eric? I’ve never played a Zelda game.

This evening I will mostly be trying to get the Mass Effect Andromeda trial thinger to download. Party central over here.


Evening all,
In the library staring at a screen, unsure how to fix this train wreck of an essay lol. Tempted to meet my module tutor again but he won’t say anything different to last time… hmmm
I’ll have it finished by Friday though so I can get drunk in Belfast on Friday (st Patrick’s day) and then I get a bus to Dublin and do a play and get pissed in Dublin the next day so it’s not all bad.

@AllOfThemWitches my parents have a collection of wine, so far as there’s always about 20 bottles in, but they’re always drinking them all so, I’d say you’d be better off with just one bottle In the house!!


It’s my ambition to have a wine cellar*/ collection*.

*not just an empty basement

*not just a load of wine from Tesco

Currently have a bottle of 2013 Chateauneuf du Pape which I’ve kept for about a year but I’ve discovered should be drunk early rather than aged. Might use it to celebrate my Easter holiday…


When I grow up I want to be your parents :smiley: :wine_glass: :ok_hand: prepare yourself for the obligatory Black Books quote…

Old wine is good wine.


Ganon DEAD. 10h 44m. :nerd: reckon i can do it in under 10 if i dont make any huge mistakes.