Weds eve

If only you could have a gif as an avatar. Him falling off whilst climbing a mountain is one of my favourite cycling memories


There are a bunch of new ones that have come out recently, not sure if that was there before or not. I mostly paid attention to there finally being :hippopotamus:.

Had to travel for work, so spending the night in a shitty hotel and eating food at a local pub. Miss everything about home.

If I’ve no squash and I eat something bready it all gets clogged inside me and I start to sneeze.

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THANK YOU!!! Join the sensible ones

(I had to have fucking duchy beans for lunch and let me tell you I was not pleased)

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Did it lads. I can now officially say I’m a spin teacher.


Gain yersel meow :+1::grinning::+1:



:muscle: :bike:


Congratulations! I remember you saying you were really nervous about this a few months back, think it’s amazing that you just went out there and did it. Something we can all take a bit of inspiration from :slight_smile:


Boooooo-ya! :star_struck::star_struck:


I feel super proud of myself for doing it! It’s exposing being up there even if it’s just for 3 people you already know :joy:


reckon it’s good karma for making that positive mindset thread and helping us out :+1:

(and also your own skill and determination, don’t mean to detract from that it’s just kind of a fun way to look at the universe sometimes)

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YES M9 :heart_eyes:


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Absolutely brilliant meow. As @Bamnan mentioned above it’s an inspiration. :+1::grinning:


Chilli was immense. Hey @colon_closed_bracket if yours is even half as good you’ll be in for a treat :grinning::wink::grinning::+1:

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I actually have to thank many people on DiS for helping me through some bleak times this year and having people encourage me a lot!

Thank you everyone! You all know who you are :kissing_heart:


it’s great to help other people even just a little bit. Hope everyone in the world can learn this lesson one day

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Ooh can I ask some technical help from someone?
I had to get a long aux cable (2m) but then found out the connector to the stereo is actually like a yellow and a white one which go into the aux cable. Can I buy an adapter for my aux cable or is there another cable I can get?

I feel cheered up by @allnerve’s kindness, Meow’s success and by seeing Pietro make a happy video.

I often get confused and think I need big dramatic romantic changes in my life but often little things can change the character of a day


yeah you just need something like this I think

might be able to pick it up from the supermarket