Weds evening


Go ahead @ericthefourth


Cheers rich! Does anyone know what the heck this is?




Think you’re right, what a crazy-ass plant.


Just going to bookmark that I’ve abandoned several replies to this


I was delighted to arrive home to this!!! Thank you @_Em !!! I love EVERYTHING!!! The wee toadstool is SO unbelievably cool, eeee!!! And thank you for the postcard with the wee message and two extra zines too? I can’t wait to read them!! XXXXXX :heart:


That toadstool is cute af ngl


They’re teeny tiny paper lantern pumpkins. Draw wee faces on them, gowon.


I’m working. So busy at the moment. Eugh.

I took 2 hours off to go climbing over lunch so it’s probably justified that I’m still working


It is SO cute. I’m going to wear it with my ladybird shirt because ladybirds like toadstools. Maybe? Yes. They do now.


They hide there for camouflage


They arent paper!!!

The tv and i are in the pub planning what to cook when we get home*

*which pizza place we’re gonna order in from


Bf is making me risotto and he’s gonna do the thing where you griddle ciabatta then rub garlic all over it


They are paper you sillybillygoat.


I’ve still got loads more, and others of different designs. £3 each inc UK postage, except for the trees which are a bit larger and cost £4.




Isle of Wight tomatoes


A friend of ours has dropped round a tub (and jar) of Thai green curry for us to eat tonight :slight_smile: very much appreciated!


Glad you liked them, and got a vicarious thrill off the dangerous postcard.


Evening all. Found out today that I wasn’t first choice for the civil service position I applied for back in March and then jumped through hoops for all the way until September. I am on a panel to fill future vacancies but I’m a ways down it. I also found out our gig in Dublin tomorrow night has been cancelled.

To compensate I applied for a different job and had a phone interview within hours. Nearly have my old band’s reunion show at Christmas sorted too. Going to finish my book and meet the TV once she finishes work and watch ‘Father Ted’ with her.