Weds lunch

(fried mac and cheese burg, sweet potato fries. brownie to end)


fuckin hell that looks #decent

would get some sauce on it though

there’s two types of mayo in there


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sauce for chips

another hour and 15 mins before my lunch and i’m starving just looking at that burger lol

whatever i get will be much more shit than that too

Saag paneer and rice. From the Post Office, obviously.

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Cheese and cucumber sandwiches. Would be full misery, but the bread is at least home-made

got any peripherals with them?

Got a homemade mince pie too. Decent pastry:mincemeat ratio.

And a banana.

Woah that is absolutely obscene. I think you might’ve just won every lunch thread ever.

My xmas “lunch” is booked for 3pm. So currently starving.

Same filling as yesterday (tofu chunks, coleslaw and baby gherkins) with the addition of some crospy onions and in a roll. Tortilla chips on the side, no coffee as I have had too much already.

Obviously wish I had Niki’s lunch instead :drooling_face:

Holy fuck niki, that’s what I want right now

I was hoping to pick up a packed lunch from the canteen because my stomach is a bit off today and I didn’t want to sit around for ages, but turns out it’s our allotted canteen Christmas lunch day, so I had a sit down turkey meal and hoped that people would think the wafts of sulfury smells were just the sprouts.

What’s on the menu meo? Nice selection of carrots is it?


Made myself a bacon, egg and scone roll, bit in and the yolk went all down my top. :woman_facepalming:

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Pastrami, Swiss cheese, lettuce red onion, tomato, mustard and thousand island dressing. From Cardiff finest baguette shop.



and pickles. Forgot the pickles.

that looks like another (in meow’s words) constipation station

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