Wedseve thread


Good evening you lovely bunch of internet folk,

Tell me about your days, both earlier on and what you have coming up later.

My day was very uneventful.


fairly standard work day but going out for beer --> curry --> beer very soon woooo


Hello Flashinglight :wave:


Super busy day. My eye won’t stop twitching. Going round to a bff’s for dinner and hugs.


Hi Witches :wave:

Did you have a good day?


Twitchy eyes are rather annoying. Sounds like a good remedy for a busy day, hugs especially :slight_smile:


Some solid birthdaying right there, hope it is fun EV :balloon:


just drew some spacebollocks for some reason


I love it!


the guy having a bbq staring into space reminds me of one of my favourite grandaddy songs


Looks like the bg of a game!


Busy yet boring work day.

Going to sort out the pulled pork (not a euphemism, but probably should be) now, then get an early night because my rock n roll lifestyle* is taking its toll today.

*stayed up too late watching Netrunner videos again



did some very danger and dirty crawling over a condemned ceiling at work, so dirty i had to have a shower before i had my bath. showers are rubbish and people who have showers in preference to baths are bad.

also had a really profound moment of joy & connection to the universe when i was driving home with my dad singing along to cortez the killer and looking at a sunset.

going to make a burrito without sour cream which hardly seems worth it but nvm.


That’s ace, going to set that as my desktop!


Hi flashinglight et al, cooking some chips, they’re boiled first then fried and are seriously the nicest chips ever. Then I’m going to eat them with cucumber and hummus and watch a kdrama can’t wait


Got my record player set up for the first time in over a year, so I’ve just treated myself to my fave albums by BoC, Autechre, and Biosphere (also intended as part of a wall mounting project above my new desk). Enjoying this whole lark of being able to decorate a space how you like.


realised I’ve been stupid, water doesn’t fall like that!


I love this


thought about making a DiS game based on streets of rage yesterday. Probably too far even for me!


the song was Everything Beautiful Is Far Away btw