So it’s free pizza night (if you’re a Three customer)

Ordered one pizza at the WRONG FUCKING SHOP

Ordered the next one using plasticmike’s code to the right shop but for ASAP which I did not want


Tell me about your lives and evenings

On the up side, you now have two pizzas!

I am also eating pizza, but mine is battered :open_mouth:. Just drove up from Manchester and had a craving the whole way so stopped off before going home. Going to watch the football.

If anyone’s in Central London a small Domino’s pizza will be going at the Queen Street branch at 7.15pm in my name

I’m just going to fuck the one off I ordered at the wrong store

Pretty much a 12hr day at work. This job can fuck off.

Having a :beer:, eating :chicken:, veg and cous cous and sleeping

Oh and football

I very much hope that someone from dis gets it.


nervous about voting tomorrow for some reason

Started work at 8:45am, don’t finish until 9pm, so will be home by 9:30.

Spag Bol for dinner I believe. Bit late in the evening for that?

my buddy finally picked up the last of his stuff, some fucking two weeks that was, fucking what, 8 months!
Now all i need to do is get rid of the tv and all her shite and i’ve got the place back to myself! :grinning: :wink:
Gonna have a spicy stir fry for dinner and try and get this cold tae fuck.


Hi hi hi

Had a potato croquette, Quorn escalope, peas, turnip and swede mash. Was good.

Need to get kids to do their homework then it’s the big match and bed.

How does this free pizza thing work??

You should get a third, it is three pizza after all.

I’ll get my coat…

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Turn up to Queen Street Dominos and say your name’s Niki


Blimey m9, that’s Theo level of shit jokes


Staying at my in-laws while I work down in London this week. Will be sociable over dinner then prolly work on some music while they watch a bleak british crime drama of some sort where the skies are always grey.

I’d be awake for hours if I ate that late.

Tomorrow is my long day but I have about two hours between finishing day job and starting the evening shift in another campus, so I take myself to Subway on the way.

Had some hand made* gnocchi with an artisanil tomato and garlic sauce,** topped with a shaving of genuine Italian cheese.***

Now I’m watching Futurama in my pyjamas. This being alone for the week thing is going very well, thank you for asking.

*by someone else
***little bit of lactose free mature cheddar


Double rainbow in these parts.


Hola! Just watching the last five minutes before Jimbo’s bedtime. Pasta for dinner, then I’m going to start work on a remix later. Not done a remix before, so a bit of a learning curve. Not got the stems yet either, but I do have the track so I’m going to work out some bits that go with that to start off with.




Alright mush