Come on then, friends. What are y’all up to?

Orite mate.

I’m playing bridge tonight. Still learning. ever played a game :video_game: a good five or six times and still not really mastered the absolute basics? That’s what bridge is.

A moment to learn, a lifetime to master…

It does NOT take a moment to learn unfortunately

Just ate oxtail stew and potatoes.

Playing football later.

Nah, I was thinking of Othello

Get fucked then

Bit out of order that mate


Got a few hours to myself once I get out of work, will probably have a supermarket pizza, fail to decide on any set activity so just waste time doing nothing, and ruminate on a something I’m feeling shitty about.

All the best to everyone else.


Get a PS4 mate

Alright (my deceased) gran

Evening all,
Feeling pretty restless tonight, fancy a beer but gonna try and abstain.
Bought anew sound bar, will
Probably hook that up, hmmm

What soundbar you got mate? (@ericthefourth)

I have a PS2, but no memory card. It’s a bit limited.

Get a memory card mate (or a PS4)

Don’t have the dosh for the PS4, plus I’d never play it. When I’m at home, generally so is Mrs HYG, and we’ll both be by the TV, so what we watch is a compromise. And I’ve never really enjoyed gaming outside of multiplayer (and occasional messing around on something like GTA. I can’t do narrative games. Too much pressure).

Don’t get a PS4 then

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Still in work and looking likely to miss my pub quiz which is shit as we normally win and first prize includes a bottle of Matteus Rose (you know the stuff your mum and dad drank when you were 8). I should probably get off Dis and get back to work…

International ‘youth’ tournaments are for the under 27s!

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