Have a meeting at seven o’clock with the people I’m working with for a performance on Friday. Should be interesting.

Going to see this afterwards. Bit out of my comfort zone but it should be good.

Normally I’d bring a couple of cinema beers but I don’t know if I should here.

She’s a beaut mate, congratulations! (@ericthefourth)

Cheers, looking forward to hooking it and seeing what it’s got to offer


Not just gonna punch my new sound bar, not right away anyway

Just played football, bit better than last week, teams were more even. Still not got ‘it’ back yet though.

Showering after exercise is extra good.

Need a shave/trim if the ol beard.

Need a haircut too. @Lo-Pan any decent places round Partick?

Im not much use to you ma man, I’ve been going to the same guy for years but he’s not officially a hairdresser anymore and just cuts a few folks hair that I know of (my brothers and two pals who are also brothers, hmmm) at his flat.
@fitzcarraldo or perhaps @japes or maybe even @Smee might be able to help

Oh or @Severed799


Nothing to report really. Feeling a bit glum if I’m honest. Think it’s the weather / dark evenings. Bleurgh.

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Aye, it’s a fuckin’ bleak time of year

Merchant City Barbers in town are good.

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evening @Antpocalypsenow

evening @all

I’m not really feeling in the mood for being sociable, but nevertheless life rolls on. We’ve got a few people coming over for dinner so I’d best put on my cheery face :slight_smile:

Need to stop staying at work late.
Will probably go help my dad make beer and then drink some beer.

Alright pal, what’s happening?

Went to the doctor’s this evening because I was worried about some moles. Turns out they’re just normal moles and I feel a bit silly. I still want the big one on my face cutting out though.


Better safe than sorry innit. I should probably do similar at some point innit.

Yeah, I’d rather feel silly and know I don’t have cancer than feel anxious that I might have cancer.


Working till 8:30. Was going to create a new thread, but i’ll stick it here.

Has anyone ever been to Hull? I know it’s the UK City of Culture 2017, but is it actually worth spending a day there?

On the 10th December, Palace are away to Hull City. Normally I go to away games with a friend, but he dithers on making a decision, meaning train prices shoot up, and which point it’s too expensive. I’m driving to Leicester with my dad next week, as he couldn’t make his mind up.

So i’m contemplating just going to Hull v Palace on my own, staying over and doing touristy stuff the next day. Or should I just jump on a train out of there straight after the game?