The team on eggheads are called My Chemical Bromance ffs.
Having enchiladas for tea. Get in!

Now you go!


At shipley station full of beer. Need we.

Edit : really need we



bout to head out through town but apparently the sellick are on, so will need to figure out a different route


Ha, I was just watching that!

They seemed like really nice guys actually.


Haircut: completed. Gonna buy a Salty Kiss (matron) and drink it while I make katsu curry.


Giz a look then


Need to watch the rest of Veep before it goes off Now TV. Big evening.


Go to the fox more beer and we. We.


The rain stopped so went for a wander. Bought some oreos.

Got about 3 more hours of typing notes up to do this eve.



oh you devil!


Probably just have some miso soup for tea. To balance out all the oreos I will be eating.


Gonna do, oh I dunno.


Just got home - as in my actual home, not the catsitting “home” or the family holiday “home” up north - for the first time in exactly 4 weeks! Feels good.


Hey wr!

Don’t see you on dis much these days, you must be busy!


Been on more or less holiday for four weeks innit. Bit yeah, a bit busier than I’d like and for less money than I’d like… Typical isn’t it!


Painting all the stupid fucking wood in a stupid fucking house


C’est la vie!

What a lovely phrase, I just tried to look up the history of it but couldn’t find anything.


Invented by an Irish girlband in the late nineties I believe.


beautiful encapsulation of frustration in this post