The team on eggheads are called My Chemical Bromance ffs.
Having enchiladas for tea. Get in!

Now you go!

At shipley station full of beer. Need we.

Edit : really need we



bout to head out through town but apparently the sellick are on, so will need to figure out a different route

Ha, I was just watching that!

They seemed like really nice guys actually.

Haircut: completed. Gonna buy a Salty Kiss (matron) and drink it while I make katsu curry.

Giz a look then

Need to watch the rest of Veep before it goes off Now TV. Big evening.

Go to the fox more beer and we. We.

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The rain stopped so went for a wander. Bought some oreos.

Got about 3 more hours of typing notes up to do this eve.


oh you devil!


Probably just have some miso soup for tea. To balance out all the oreos I will be eating.

Gonna do, oh I dunno.

Just got home - as in my actual home, not the catsitting “home” or the family holiday “home” up north - for the first time in exactly 4 weeks! Feels good.

Hey wr!

Don’t see you on dis much these days, you must be busy!

Been on more or less holiday for four weeks innit. Bit yeah, a bit busier than I’d like and for less money than I’d like… Typical isn’t it!

Painting all the stupid fucking wood in a stupid fucking house

C’est la vie!

What a lovely phrase, I just tried to look up the history of it but couldn’t find anything.

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Invented by an Irish girlband in the late nineties I believe.


beautiful encapsulation of frustration in this post