Just left my first ever not under someone’s windscreen wiper as they have parked on our street and blocked 2 driveways in the process. Feel like a proper adult now.

What fun complaining do your evenings hold?

my first ever. NOT!


Bus home had to be turned off and on again so it’s taking aaaaages. Need to finish assembling a desk from Ikea, then I’m going to have some pasta and wine

Kitchen floors been tiled. Pizza for tea.
Then bed.


How do they block two driveways…? They a limo driver?

Watching Hell’s Kitchen, and someone just said “these lobster tails taste like they were poached in the tears of baby Jesus” so my evening has already peaked. Got a stroganoff cooking for tea and more HK to watch.

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reminds me of Q*bert


Fun on mushrooms though :upside_down_face:

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That floor would make me quite dizzy, I think.

Bonus fun fact: The best shop bought iced coffee over here has that pattern on its carton.

Evening. Had soup again for tea but…

Waffles, Greek yogurt, blueberries and honey for pud! This will be the most noteworthy thing that will happen to me tonight.


pretty sure mcdonalds botched my order and gave me real chicken burgy instead of fake. tummy feels weird

Thanks for doing my dirty work, pal.

Prompt thread starting there :+1:

I have no plans for tonight. Maybe go to the gym or sort out @he_2 a new password? Might do neither.

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  • 45 mins left in work
  • Only have to go up some stairs to get a post-work drink
  • Going horseriding tomorrow

Literally can’t see what I’m typing if I am starting a thread on mobile since the last update to the site. Only one typo is a minor miracle.

Have you clicked on desktop view by mistake?

This is my evening’s new peak. Glad to hear it.

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Evening ATT, and everyone else.

Mainly about my own behaviour to be honest #todaysparentingerror.

Just nearly tripped over the dog in the kitchen when he was standing right behind me. The fright caused me to call him a dickhead. Cue the voice of a 7 year old from the neighbouring room:

‘Daddy, what’s a dickhead?’


Looks like steel honeycomb. Also hurts my my eyes. I love it :heart_eyes:

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