Evening all

Got some friends coming over for dinner, which is all well-and-good except for the fact they arrive about 10 minutes after I get home. Generally feeling a bit tense as there are a lot of things I need to sort out before my holiday and I’ve had neither the time nor the mental energy to complete them.

does that mean good or

I don’t know! Could mean they tasted 2000 years old and fictional?

Had Moroccan-style somethingorother for early tea with various trimmings. Was good, if not spectacular.

Waiting for R to get home imminently, going to try to get a cuddle out of him then get him ready for bed, then catching up on more skiing World Championships and reading.

Still annoyed I napped the whole afternoon.

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maybe they meant it was quite salty

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Had leftover muzzas on toast for tea. Might go out for a walk or something if it’s dry.

Say what now?

Click the three horizontal lines at the top. If it says desktop view at the bottom change it to mobile view. That might solve it.

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Evening all,

Got the house to myself so I’m having some chicken noodles (smothered in colossal sauce ofc) and I plan to drink some beers and attempt make some music. There’s a good chance I’ll give up and play Monster Hunter at some point instead though. So very addicted.

Hope you’re all well you lovely people you.


:open_mouth: you’re a genius

Happened to me two days ago (and barleysugar and japes pointed it out)

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Let’s pump those veins full of static!!!

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Stayed home from work as I am a bit under the weather. Watching ‘Bullhead’ currently, never seen it, great so far…

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Hopefully - it’s been more ‘pumping my PC full of updated drivers and expletives’ the last couple of sessions I’ve had…

Off to a mate’s to watch a probably weird film, drink lagers and eat dips’n’chips

Ooh enjoy. I only recently checked out their latest album. Not sure why I hadn’t listened to them earlier.

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wow I’m feeling better!


Been waiting all week for someone to ask me that… It was great but… A bus driver drove straight past me very shortly after which like certainly killed my mood. Then i got the next one and drank a beer on the bus, it was ‘all gravy’ (not the beer, my mood) as the kids say.

I’m currently on the train in shorts and t-shirt cos i forgot my post-football coat. Only 1 more stop to go though.