Saw them at Green Man a couple of years ago. They were heavy!

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Have revoked

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I am not sure what happened there, obviously has to be taken away :frowning:

This calls into question the entire system of badgedom. How can I trust any badges now?!

This is worse than the MP expenses scandal

Oh no, I didn’t mean for it to be taken away, I just thought maybe you’d somehow met them ages ago. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello all, had a bit of a shit day in terms of emotions. So a pal took me to the pub for a pint and I immediately decided to spill a full pint over myself and them :blush: please reassure me this is indeed hilarious and definitely not extremely embarrassing, ugh. Love love xxx


I had an opportunity to meet them, and declined it. Worst decision I’ve made in a long time

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On the way now! Probs either go there or just the SU first

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Can’t believe you did that. Highlight of my summer.

Tbf, it was on the day we were leaving Edinburgh, and his gaff isn’t really on the way home, he wasn’t free until after lunch, and we were driving back to the South coast.

Yeah, I know, should’ve just gone.

Oh no, I definitely shouldn’t have it without earning it! Must have just been an odd mistake.

more akin to the cash for honours scandal

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What’s up witches?

Some companies do, some don’t. We’ve never had a meter reading taken by a person in the 2.5yrs we’ve been here. Just submit a reading every now and again online


Ah god, nothing, I’m just hormonal and embarrassed. Haha. Totally tried to laugh it off but felt so bad. I managed to spill the pint all over myself, my hair my face and all over their trousers. Please reassure me!!

Will be down in like 30!

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Meeting a dad for coffee tomorrow. May finally have a friend that lives here.


Oh sure it’s totally normal. I hate beer that much too that I also try to throw it away rather than drink it :grinning: