Alright? I’m up and early heading to the RA for an ‘arts breakfast’ (it’s a meeting for a forthcoming event).

Free breakfast is always good but my tiredness is not. Want coffee but gotta cut back on caffeine :’(


Bonus question: how much milk do you reckon you drink in total per day?


Quarter of a pint maybe on average

Morning all. Pretty tired this morning. 2hrs in work already so that’s fine. Finish about 3.30 I’m reckoning and off tomorrow. Hoping for an easier day, but they never work like that


Morning xylo, richt

The average winter day my milk consumption is about 100ml in porridge (though your question specified milk drunk so that wouldn’t count), and maybe another 200ml approx. in a hot chocolate.

Dropping R off with his dad then I will try spend my day productively, but will probably just end up having a nap :woman_shrugging:



Very little milk at all, should probably rectify that. Edit: my milk consumption mostly come from hot chocolate drinking, so maybe one pint a fortnight.

Crap day of tedious meetings when I’ve got huge amounts of work to get on with.



Also I need to be out the house in 25 minutes and I haven’t got up yet.:woman_facepalming:



200ml of oat or almond milk in porridge
That’s about it unless I make a mocha (coffee snobs need not reply) which would up it by another 100ml or so.

Jnr won’t stop top singing the stick song form Hey Duggee, so neither will I.

Stick stick stick stick sticky sticky stick stick.


Morning all! Second night in a row of about 3 hours broken sleep due to fucking gout pain. Not doing much today past resting my uric acid riddled leg and convincing the TV to make some :taco::taco: for lunch. Did manage to get out for a little walk between flare ups yesterday, rural south Devon wasn’t looking too shabby.


Oh and milk wise, however much is in one strong tea per day and one large bowl of coco pops/honey nut cornflakes of a morning.


Finally switched to the winter (2) quilt last night. So many bloody togs. Don’t want to leave it for the rest of the week.

I drink milk in tea. Dunno how much. Maybe 100ml a day?


Took some strong vitamin D yesterday and feeling much less grumpy.

I rarely drink milk, only in tea and occasionally when hungover.


Huge news, everyone.


Controversial time to switch to a higher tog


Morning. Still in bed. Was supposed to get up and go for a run but I didnae. Had some absolutely filthy dreams last night, it’s not even thursday! Reckon on average I have a cappuccino and two filter coffees with milk per day. Should get out of bed tbh.


It’s the coldest it’s been all winter (2), and it’s so very cosy.


Probably about 100ml of milk just in tea and coffees through the day.

Morning fellow forum ferrets. I’m lazing in bed with the cat, just ordered some books about political action so I can learn to direct some of my ire in a useful way


Hi. In Leicester for work. Bored out my nut.


Morning you lot.

Drinking plenty of water today. Considering 6/7 pints and a burger the size of Saturn was consumed last night and I only got about 4 hours sleep, feeling pretty dandy this morning.

1-2-1 with a direct report this morning, finish off a couple of pieces of analysis and then at 2pm I’m out of the office until Tuesday next week. Picking up a hire car at lunchtime - walked past Europcar earlier to see what they have in my class - think it’ll be a SEAT Ibiza or VW Polo.

Pick the kids up from school, Daughter has brownies and then the usual Wednesday nightmare of getting them to bed.

My milk consumption is always 0. Never touch the stuff. Used to be allergic as a child and now just the sight of someone drinking a glass of milk out of choice turns my stomach.


Alright? Working late tonight so still at home. Meeting baby Helsinki stag do man for some drinks in Franks in Peckham (or whatever it’s called now @profk?) Hopefully no more wedding revelations from the lad.


I’m still on the 4.5 tog duvet.


Somebody fire up a tog audit thread!