Wedz Evnz Thread

I fucking hate brown rice. Never cooked it right.

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Yeah me too. Always a bit hard innit.

I’ve come home to find a UPS slip, which I think is quite an exciting package, so will probably go and pick that up :blush::blush:

But first, dinner! Probably chorizo, chickpeas, cous cous. Or something.

get a rice cooker mate

Gf is doing alumni careers advice sessions on Skype so I’m playing C.R.E.A.M. on loop on the Sonos.

I’m hilarious.


Shattered. Went into my local town in search of a black suit and it was a fucking bust so schlepped to Cambridge, popped into John Lewis and was sorted within 10 minutes. I fucking love John Lewis. I want to marry John Lewis.


nothing more disappointing than sitting down to a chilli or curry with brown rice.

Evening all

There are too many people with coughs around.e at the moment. Was sat opposite one today. FFS man, just work from home!

Think it might be pie and mash night tonight.

what kind of pie? which veggies?

Chicken and bacon; broccoli; peas; mash and gravy


fucking hell.

can I come round for tea?


evening team, having some lemon/garlicky chicken with some potatoes and asparagus. will find a film to watch later.

got a cold and my nose is running, anyone got any tips to help stop it?! outwith jamming a tissue up my nose.

Bottle of red wine


nah, trying not to drink till the weekend, also when you have a cold red wine doesn’t taste as it should.

Someone always talking about how busy they sre

  • Irksome, everyone is busy
  • Not irksome you twat

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Especially annoying as this person is NEET

Oh god you must be really ill. RIP lopes.


I’ve started a “best accompanying veg” thread

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Alright, Melanie C


Evening all,

Just put on Foxing’s excellent album from last year. Think we’re going to to some low level 8+ table topping momentarily. Feeling super nervous about meeting a load of new people in an unknown office, but it’s going to be fun, really, right? Plus i get to spend like 5 hours in trains.

Battered haddock and steamed veg for dinner.

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