Wedz Thredz


Tired, train has broken down, mood lower than the temperature.


:wave: got a cold. CBA

Trying to justify staying at home today but don’t think I can.

Going to start some Machiavellian plotting at work today though, so that’ll keep me going.


have an all day workshop/event type thing where I have to talk about my core values and personal mission statement. never wanted the trains to break down and stop me from getting to work more in my life. need a blizzard in the next half hour or so please :crossed_fingers:


Penultimate day in my job. Motivation levels hitting historic lows.


Normally really excited by snow but looks like I’ve turned a curmudgeonly corner.

There were parakeets in the garden yesterday. I hope they’re keeping warm.


Train at 11

Not finished packing



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Blurred because rant.

Snowed enough to make everything an icey nightmare but no proper ground settling. Puts a bit of a spanner in the works as I really need to go and pick something up but can’t really take R out with these conditions (he has a cold too, so not really fair on him). Also have to somehow get through a day of my ex in my home because R has his two year health check today at home bit it is his dad’s usual day to see him so this was the compromise that he could come here. Really do not want all this.

Want to stay in bed.

Looks cold out there. Was gonna :bike: but probably a bad idea? Urgh I hate getting the train.

Morning all,

I can’t remember the last time I had to deal with a frozen car door. for more than roughly two to three seconds i fretted about being able to drive within the following while. Thankfully my tap warm water busted that door right open with magnificent aplomb.

Following the results of a poll I started yesterday suggesting I should walk to Kent, I was going to spend today live blogging my pedestrian journey down the A4, along the A308, up Barry Avenue, past Datchet Golf Course, through Major’s Farm Road, traversing the Colnbrook by-pass, Back onto the Bath road, Over Richmond Lock and Footbridge and along Kew riverside walk, right the way along the A305 until 3 counts down to 2 and it becomes the A205, which I’d have to stick very carefully to, to avoid the perils of Penge and the cycling dark-lands, through areas of London I’m not sure actually exist like Motingham and that Foots Cray, stopping off at Brands Hatch to admire some presumed statues for motor racing great, under the M2, down London and Teston Roads, before finally reaching my destination, a rejuvenated man. However, I’m not going to do that, sorry.

In a frankly fantastic turnip for the books, the only milk available in the entire office, after I finished the last traces of the almond milk, is oat milk. I’d like to think this was part of a new non-dairy initiative, but I imagine it’s got more to do with staff turnover.

I’m going to save anything else I have to write for when it is I’ve worked out I have it to write and write it then.

Stay warm, everyone.


We’ve only got a light covering of snow but the trees on the other side of the valley look stunning.

Getting a train and bus to work today as I live on top of a hill and it looks very icy. Plus there are a load of roadworks.


Don’t shop for it. Argos it!

‘GAME’ kinda works…

Still in bed. No sleep as 2 month old decided to cry all night. Off to the Tate later and for a wander around that London. All good really

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I got my own damn lazy arse up early to doeat exercise this morning, for the first time this year :muscle:

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Then I hit enter too early, pride comes before a fall.
Agonised over what to put on the tv while I cycle, finally chose Leap Year because Amy Adams
I wish I could love rom-coms the way I used to when I was younger. Doesn’t seem terrible so far though.

I have a feeling work is going to stress me out today.

Hope everyone has a lovely day :slight_smile:

Go Outdoors.


Morning wedzos

Early shifts got me feeling lazy and craving sugar. Feeling slightly better now the sun’s up. Hopefully if a man emails me back I might see/get a kitten today.

walking to work this morning and there was a little robin that kept hopping along a few feet in front of me. super cute.

i’m at work and bored.

Gave up on Leap Year after about 30 mins when we tried watching it - thought it was pretty bad

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Really want to watch ‘Leap Year’ so I can give out stink about it.

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