Wedz Thredz


Knackered I am aren’t I? Got to carry a very heavy and expensive piece of studio equipment to the post office this morning. Worried I’m going to slip over and drop it.

Got some interview panel training this morning. That’ll be exciting won’t it?

Morning. What happened to the read receipt threads? It looks like both have been deleted? Did I miss something massive overnight?



Was planning on a trip to Dartmoor today but it’s all snowy and icy up there so it might be a trip to Dunelm/Hobbycraft instead. Spare room needs sorring out and tidying too. Coffee first.

It’s pretty bad tbf.

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My aunt passed away yesterday so I’ve got a trip to Clonmel coming up today. Hopefully the snow doesn’t mess with getting there.

Listening to In A Silent Way and looking at the snow, so it isn’t the worst morning

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Can’t get over the fact that it’s only Wednesday, had to check at 2 separate times this morning because I didn’t believe myself after the first.

Dressed like an actual children’s tv presenter today, forest green coat, pastel pink t, navy trousers, yellow socks :upside_down_face:


Sorry to hear that mo chara, :heart: to you and the geese flock.


Sorry for your loss man


Excited for another day at work to show the world what I can do!

Ah man, I’m sorry to hear that chief :hearts:

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Sorry for your loss.

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30 second changeover between train and bus, I bet its not usually this good.

Yeah I’m really not happy about this stuff all being deleted and not being given a chance to even properly respond or have a discussion about it. It’s really ridiculous and stupid to have such an overreaction over the use of the word knob (and because the thread is gone now, I can’t see if I said that particular user was a knob or anyone who uses read receipts is a knob, the latter is what I feel I probably would have said).

Go into the work irk threads and you’ll see the same opinions over other office workers and their annoying/shitty habits so I guess that should also be deleted huh?


Missed my train because the youngest forgot her school bag and I had to go back for it and it’s too icy to cycle fast. On the plus side, the eldest wanted to sing The Mariner’s Revenge Song on the way to school, so that’s what we did.


At home on an all-day course that I really don’t want to do. At least I can sit in my pants and drink tea.

Wife-o’s photo made the front page of the FT again :partying_face: I guess it means another picture of May hung on the stairs :disappointed:


I don’t want to continue discussing read receipts. i want to discuss why you thought it was okay to erase the thread, publicly call me out as being mean and not give me the option to respond because you keep closing and unlisting the threads.

iirc, you had a pop at some others for closing a previous “beeve” thread. Not sure why when it’s one thing that applies to you, you take it so to heart and have to shut everything down.

The person in question who was SO upset by me changed their tune halfway through the thread and were joking around with us so I think this may be more to do with you especially after those posts calling me mean…

This has happened to me on here countless times. No one gave a shit or helped me. I didn’t even call this particular user a knob for fucks sake.

It isn’t deleted as such, if you click on your replies to the thread you can view the original one. Just doesn’t show up in the search

That’s really not the point.