Wee new Year break, suggestions please?!


So myself and my longstanding room mate/tv were thinking of going away at new year for a couple of nights because new year is so desperately shit here.
Where might you suggest, reckon europe, no longer than maybe 3/4 hrs on a plane. Initially i was thinking somewhere alpine like?! Where have any of you disappeared at new year to?!


Peak Districts nice at that time of year



Did New Years in Iceland couple of years back, it was dead good.


half the roads are closed for most of the winter though, can be a fucking nightmare


ooh that sounds cool.




was in bed by 11pm last new years eve.


Did NYE in Iceland/Reykjavik a couple of years ago. Ended up proposing so be careful with that Lopes.


peak districts eh?! hadn’t even considered britain tbh :slight_smile:


Very cold, too.

Lots of snuggling.


aye alright J_I, calm the beans, she’s only just moved in :slight_smile:


Dead good mate, the Icelandics go fucking nuts with the fireworks on NYE, no organised displays or owt like that, they just buy fireworks all year (which help to fund the fire departments apparently) and they all just fucking let them off in the streets for hours, it’s nuts. Felt like a warzone.


Aiming them at the church, GBOL.


Hmmm iceland could be good, i’ve never been


This sounds fucking brilliant.


Was great, would really recommend it, few excursions, mooch around the city for a while, have a dip in the blue lagoon on New Year’s Day morning. Quite pricey but well worth it.


i have always fancied prague as well


aw sweet, you offering us digs?! :wink:


Berlin is like this at New Year too. Ended up spending midnight in the middle of a big roundabout surrounded by hundreds of people letting off fireworks.


make sure to pack your brainlove trainers in case you bump into the big man himself.