Wee quick poll about supermarket etiquette


when it’s really busy and there’s a long queue at the checkout and a member of staff comes over and opens a new till.

The people who run forward from the back of the original queue to get there first, skipping everyone who’s been waiting longer than them…

  • Are my fellow members of the Conservative Party
  • Should be prosecuted in some sort of specially set up international tribunal

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People who make the move should stay in the order they were in at the previous till. But it would be mad for everyone to stand waiting in the long queue when the new one opens


I think you voted the wrong way


The till opener should ask the person waiting the longest, but not with their shopping on the till, to pop over to the till they’re just about to open.

This is what all of my guys do, but this might not work in a very busy shop.


Usually the back people go because maybe th3y haven’t got to the part of putting their stuff on the conveyor belt yet and the ones that already do cba with moving. That’s ok. But in that queue if the back people jump ahead then they deserve to be hunted down with pitchforks :woman_farmer:t5:


It’s a classic situation of I know it’s wrong but also love to be a beneficiary of it. I’m sure that over a lifetime karma balances the number of times you either luck out or chump out in this situation.

This thread does make me glad I do online food shopping now though, the only etiquette I’m worried about is if I need to open another beer before I review my trolley and process the order.


I would leave it up to the customers. If someone has just put one thing down on the conveyer belt then I think it’s fair for them to pick it up and take it to the new till.


They’re sub human scum unworthy of love. Bet they’re not putting the divider down after putting the shopping on either.


Again, depends on the length of queue, but yeah, if a customer has a couple of items on the belt, they get asked to move over. We have 3 belted tills, do not exactly the busiest shop.


Supermarkets bring out the worst in people. One of my pet hates is when someone parks their trolley right in front of you while you’re browsing a shelf, thus blocking off the shelf. This happens a lot!


couple of points here:

  1. queuing in a supermarket never takes that long, 10 minutes maximum: take some time to reflect on your day or look and admire all the pretty people in the supermarket, or chat to your shopping partner if you went in with someone.

  2. how else can it work? You can’t leave if you’re in the middle of a line as you would need to barge past people behind you.


Just got rid of about £2 in shrapnel in the self-service machines with a little queue.

Absolutely diabolical behaviour tbh.

  1. surely your first point could be better directed at the people who barge to the front? what’s their rush? why are is their time more precious??!?! also the reason I posted this is cause I had some ice cream that was melting and really needed to get it in the freezer.

  2. it works the right way in most situations, where people take a few seconds to walk in the correct order


way too many factors for a binary choice like this no?

size of queue (how long is 'long?), how many items per individual…

Should be an algorithm to decide the person (x) in queue (n) given factors (y,z…) that should move over for the most appropriate balance between personal and collective time/ effort

online shopping ftw


just a suggestion to make you feel better and less stressed.


People using the 10 items or less checkout for clearly a lot more

  • Yeah whatever, get over it
  • Wankers

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In practice, the first two or three people in a queue might decide not to move. They’re nearly at the front now and moving to the other queue presents a risk, because you never know how many bastards are going to jump in front of you, and how much shopping they’ll have. (There’s also the people that weren’t queuing at all yet and just spot the till opening as a happy coincidence. Can’t blame them for going straight for the kill.) So you’re standing in the queue and you have no idea whether the person in front of you is going to try to move to the other till. But you’re also aware that the person behind you almost certainly will move and you don’t want to lose out to that chancer. In theory, everyone should move in an orderly fashion to the other queue, but in practice it often means a load of people peg it to the other queue while some poor bugger thinks about it too long and is stuck between both queues having a place in neither.


Wouldn’t do it personally but find it understandable. There is a similar situation at my train station taxi rank, people come out of the station walk to the front of the taxi queue filling up the taxis, because they can’t leave quick enough there comes a point where people have to turn round to get an empty taxi only to find people behind them jumping in. While morally reprehensible I can understand it because if those people didn’t jump in and walked to the front, other people would only do it to them instead so they may as well benefit (I’m sure this is the kind of moral justification an arms dealer would make). I just walk to the front and wait it out, I’m in no rush


I think some people are making this more complicated than it needs to be.

running, in order to overtake people who would otherwise be first at the new till, is completely indefensible and I hope none of you would ever do this!!


When you’re at the checkout and you’re done with your basket:

  • Put it in the basket-holder neatly and sensibly
  • Dump it like a cunt

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