Wee Wed Eve Thread


The sewage works outside my flat have burst a pipe again meaning we have no water again

Watching the Liverpool game and thinking about what I want for dinner

How bout you huns?

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huns aye?! take it to the scottish football thread :wink:


Currently like this

Got fry up for tea, off tomorrow, and it’s pay day tomorrow. Gonna do some Christmas shopping and get that out of the way


I can never remember which team that’s meant to refer to :woman_shrugging:

I fucking hate Christmas

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So very very tired. Gotta empty and fill the dishwasher, video call the bairn who is staying at grandparents tonight (so hopefully some sweet glorious sleep will be in store), then I’ll do a run and maybe watch masterchef in the bath. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Good thing it’s not really happening this year eh?

Evening all :wave:

Today is my Thursday night :partying_face: going to have my usual Wednesday night G&T though (should I have had it on Tuesday?)

No other plans, really.

nobody can anymore. tomato potato etc

Alright? Been busy tidying up the house and clearing out a load of stuff ready to put the tree etc up then decided we were both too tired and miserable to do the fun bit and we’re saving it for tomorrow instead. Steak mac n cheese for tea and probably cider involved at some point.

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Went out and did my best impression of a Pet Shop Boy for a test shoot for someone more photogenic and talented than me

Technically I didn’t take the photo, but I set everything up in advance and got my other half to push the button - which is basically what all the big name photographers do, and they get their names attached to the photos


went for vegan indian street food, absolutely stuffed


What did you get?

I don’t even know how to describe most of it other than it being delicious. The green dhal, the treacle fries, the yoghurt bombs and the puri. All delicious, had never had any of it before, would def recommend


Street Chat sounds like a terrible urban YouTube channel.


Ooh that looks delicious. Tamarind fried yes please!
Rhubarb Dahl though?

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I’m going to throw some chat bombs in this thread tonight


Tbf I didn’t even notice there was rhubarb in it until reading this back, really strong flavours though


Had a cheese and cucumber sandwich for dinner.

Just had a video chat with one of my besties and while it was good and fun it just made me miss her more :sob:

Took delivery of a giant box of baked goods from my boss today to say thanks for working like a dog all year.

There are two of us.