Weeding day thread


I’m at a laverie in Port Vendres waiting for my clothes to be washed. I bet all my money that none of you charmers are doing the same thing.
What would you bet all your money on?

This is the part where you take over and tell the world about your WEDNESDAY goings on.





A grey day here. No plans, just work. Boring.


mornin cb, aggy, pnickers, kermit

not much going on. need to buy a present for a one year old. might get the noisiest thing I can find just to wind up my brother.


Morning :coffee:
Had a lovely peaceful sleep that was in no way interrupted by freshers and GULLS


I would bet all my money that I’ll struggle to get much work done today.

I’ve got patent twat drinks later, but it’s a complete faff to get to from work (unless I take the train in now, but cbaaaaaaa) so there’s about a 40% chance I sack it off and go home to eat chips in my pants instead.


Can’t you use a plate like ev-






Morning @casinobay and everyone

Going through to Glasgow today to hang out with my Mum and my auntie! Woooo


hi everyone :wave:

went to visit the alhambra yesterday, which was amazing.

think we’re having a fairly quiet day today, just bumming around the hotel and maybe wandering around seville a bit more


Slept so badly cause I ate too much cake before bed


Hello. How long did it take you to feel better again? I’m on day 8 of being shingley (finished those awful tablets yesterday) and I’m still feeling totally wiped :frowning:


Prefer Bradford Alhambra


it was by day 8 or 9 for me… I put my feeling shitty down to the tablets tbh and my rash is just about clearing up now which is about day 25ish I think.

Went for my first run yesterday :smile:

hope you get better soon though :frowning: :hugs:


It’s a beautiful day. Listening to Ought. Giving a talk in a football stadium later… no dread, yet


Just remind them to keep their shape, press high and loads of shots because the keeper has a salad sandwich for hands.


The Alhambra is an amazing please.
Always so busy though!
Great pics!


Hi wicked witch of the east.
Say hi to mummy witch and auntie witch from me!


Morning everyone :wave: