Week 2 Football Thread let's get on with it


First weekend of proper football is done, history. Mostly hilarious. Lots of United hype and Chelsea laughter. Liverpool were Liverpool, Huddersfield champions elect.

Champions League qualifier tomorrow night so we need a new thread for a new week. Apparently Hoffenheim were the set piece top scorers in last year’s Bundesliga, and obviously Liverpool absolutely love defending set pieces…

Let’s talk about week 2 of footy.


You think they’re doing it all again? What would be the point in that?


Just leaving this here for a moment.



Come on hoffenheim. Send them to the europa


Hope you all enjoy the new adidas ad




Think how bad Bmouth were in that first 45mins has sucked all the excitement out of the season. Thanks West Brom!!


Should the window slam shut before the start of the season?

  • leave it as it is
  • should be before the season starts
  • other/not bothered

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For my money, the mural outside the ground is even better.


What the hell was that?


Looks like one of the dear deidre picture strips


I’ll try and find the photo of the door to the manager’s office as well…


Most amusing Liverpool/Europe interface

  • Knocked out by Hoffenheim, group stage Europa defeat
  • Knocked out by Hoffenheim, lose Europa final to Sevilla again
  • Get to CL, put out kids to concentrate on league, still forced into Europa KOs
  • Get to CL final, Gerrard falls over

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Liverpool fan here. Most amusing is that we win the Champions League, United go into Europa and lose to Everton via a Rooney winner in the final. Fellaini to elbow Pogba.


Coutinho winner at the kop for barca in the semis


Or scores winner at the other end and runs the length of the pitch and slides on his knees in front the Kop.


Win Trophys


Coutinwho cares


Gareth Barry to WBA is up there for most uninspiring transfers