Week 9 NFL Thread

Jets win, my goodness.

Looked like massive pass interference on that last play.

Interested to see how the Lions contrive to lose this with the ball in the last 36 seconds.

Yes Detroit!

Ahahahahahahahahgahahs fuck the Packers ahahahahahshshsg


Vikings must be the worst 7-1 team in history

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Irksome. Needed the Vikings to win by 4.


So what’s the deal with the Raiders

Not often you see two punt plays in a row on redzone

Impressive in its own way that the Bucs and the Rams, with all their Superbowl winners and incredible players, can contrive to produce a game so boring I’m going to bed.

I’m just looking at December 4th and wondering if Green Bay will still have the bears number. Surely we’ve got them this time!

Think that’s harsh especially given that by all accounts it was Irsay who demanded the recent QB change. I assumed he’d offered Reich some kind of immunity from firing in exchange for wanting to see what they had in Ehlinger.

Irsay seems ok by NFL owner standards but he seems to be someone who makes emotional decisions.

I think Reich is a good coach overall, the Luck departure really sent the Colts down a darkest timeline didn’t it

Think he’s got a better winning percentage than just about any Lions coach in the Super Bowl era lol

My god they extended him last year till 2026! Secure the bag Frankie, man’s going to have his feet up on a private Caribbean island.

James Brown appears to be a GBOL

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Only just seen the ridiculous no PI call at the end of the bears game. Fields suddenly looks absolutely awesome though, decent chance we end the season with 6/7 wins and him proving he’s the starting qb going forward which would be a very good season


Jeff Saturday in as interim HC in Indianapolis. Never coached before, outside of high school. As in, not even a co-ordinator.

Irsay literally said “I’m glad he doesn’t have any NFL experience”.


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That’ll explain why they’ve bypassed the two experienced head coaches they already have on staff (John Fox and Gus Bradley). There’s also no-one in their new setup that’s ever called NFL plays before.

Well as long as you’ve got a savvy veteran playing behind a solid O-line…

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We know Americans love a good sitcom crossover, right?