Weekend betting thread

Anyone got any good bets/tips for the weekend’s :soccer::rugby_football::horse: etc?
Financial reasons mean I’ve just got one £2 accumulator on:
Bristol City
Notts County
Returns £120ish
Will have a quick skim through horses at some point and see if anything jumps out and maybe do a winning margin double in the rugby.

Everton Palace was one I looked at but could be a draw. That’s a decent return though, two draws bump it up I guess.

I’m on Leicester today. Think they’ll come with a point to prove after Mahrezgate, and Vardy on the counter will be all kinds of wrong for whichever centre-halves City put out, all of which are vulnerable to pace in behind. City minus Silva and Sané as well, and De Bruyne’s gone on record as saying he’s absolutely fooked.

Going to have £50 on them at 14/1.

Could go either way really. Thinking about sticking £1 on 3-3 at 70/1