Weekend breaks advisory thread


An all-purpose thread for travel advice if you’re taking a weekend break. Destination and dates, and maybe what you’re looking for out of your trip?


Amsterdam. Mid December.

Any craft beer places?
Do they have Christmas markets?
Can you black up as Black Pete on any day or is it a specific one?


I’m off to Paris the first weekend in December. I’ve never been, any suggestions for Things To Do on a 3 day weekend there? Cultural stuff (galleries particularly, maybe something a bit unusual), standard tourist must-sees, that nice bar you found, nice places to just do a stroll, a specific food recommendation if you have it? Ta.


Avoid the public toilets in Gare du Nord.


Outside of the usual, Parc de la Villette and the science museum are worth a visit.

The Arab Institute and Cartier Foundation too.


Beer Temple is the best. Also Cafe Gollum, in de Wildeman, Brouwerij De Prael, Brouwerij t’IJ and Cafe Belgique.

The train to Haarlem is cheap and quick. Then you can go to Het Uiltje and Jopenkirk.


Thanks, looks decent all round. Parc de la Villette seems like it has a lot going on. As for the usual, are there any of the big hitters that are a must-do, and any that were a big let-down?


Unless you go when it’s super-quiet (which is impossible) or you go to a few of the tucked away galleries, then the Louvre is not a pleasant experience, or a place to appreciate art, unless you just want to tick things off a list from behind a sea of raised iPads and phones, unfortunately.