Weekend brunch plans

Thinking maybe shakshuka, maybe huevos rancheros.

MAYBE smokey duck eggs w/chipotle.



Probably have a dark chocolate lebkuchen.

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Probably a wagon wheel or maybe a kitkat chunky.


can i just have some of yours


Sure! Hope you like coriander.

sure do!

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I make both of those but have only ever eaten them as dinner. So fuck you!

ha ha! what do you have for pudding? coco pops?

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What you calling those sweet yorkshire puddins what people do?

might get my shakshuka on this weekend actually.

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Sugared crumpets.

Which also happens to be my nickname for you.

clafoutis? love a cherry clafoutis.

I think the joke answer he is looking for is pancakes. Fuck you!

Di dyou know they are literally ‘cakes in a pan’. Bleew my mind when I learned that (a year ago)


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Same in German, Pfannkuchen.


No, although that sounds nice. Think i meant a Dutch Baby, or something

Waffles. addicted to making the damn things, and eating them obviously

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I could do with some brunch right now. Someone bring me brunch please?

Why do you reckin zxcvbnm’s past shows as a reply to the op but others don’t?

The past is a grotesque animal