Weekend Football Thread (Also Weekday League Cup Action Thread I Guess)

The Midweek un has turned into a pissing contest between Wolves and Wigan fans, so I suggest we draw a veil over that.

Saturday in the Prem is absolute spud, I’m afraid. Only likely highlight is Marco Silva’s resurgent Watford embarrassing a knackered and complacent City. But there’s Arsenal’s latest hammering on Sunday to look forward to.

Bants/Thoughts/Fake Bets/Pretend Continental Watch?

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I’m still deciding whether to go to football or watch it on TV. I’m a season ticket holder but my mate who is very ill has decided not to go again.

I either go on my own and visit my parents after who live a couple of miles from the ground. It’s too late to get the season ticket of my mate and take someone else.

Or I watch it in TV and visit my parents another time.

Palace Southampton is guaranteed toilet. Use that information as you will.

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Not a thing, mate.

Wolves are away at :deciduous_tree:. Tree - 1 to the Wolves, I reckon.

I think I’ll watch it at home, although I’ve got 20 minutes before I’d have to leave to get the train. I went to Huddersfield and Swansea at home on my own, as my mate is really ill, and we were absolute toilet in those. But hopefully we won’t play three at the back anymore.

But if this is a thriller, i’m going to blame you.


I’m going to Watford v City - taking my boy to his first professional match. Wondering what he’ll make of it in comparison to the 250-300 crowds he’s used to and being able to run around and go on the pitch post-match.


I remember taking my eldest nephew to his first Palace game, it was an absolute dire 0-0 against Barnsley. He absolutely loved it, i don’t know how.


Can see both Manchester clubs drawing this weekend

Also only just realised how much Roy Hodgson looks like Theresa May


I suspect he will spend a lot of time quite awestruck tbh, and the rest of the time playing on my phone :slight_smile:

You going Sunday pal?

No mate. Palace is the only definite one before December for me due to my weekend course

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was hoping to go to Blades vs Norwich today but time and money didn’t allow, but it’s all academic as my mate who’s travelling from Glasgow with the tickets has had his train cancelled :disappointed:

As the resident Wigan fan, I definitely didn’t get involved in any pissing. Do I need to muscle up? :muscle:

Anyone watching Villa v Barnsley tonight?!

Looked at tickets and cheapest was 28 quid

Lol my europa league ticket on Thursday was 20 Euro (cheapest was 15)

Sorry @ynot but lol


That’s from our directors box area, probably similar for most clubs.

Also Farr Vinters is owned by one of our owners. He’s a really nice bloke who runs the CPFC beer festival and knows his beer.

My entire family are Saints fans/sponsors, and most are heading to the game today. Got this cracker from my Dad last night… “We should turn up and smash them, properly rub it in Hodgson’s face. But the new manager effect means they’ll probably win anyway. So could easily be a draw.”

Got a career in punditry ahead of him, that lad.