Weekend Football Thread - THE BIG ONE!


It’s here guys, the final meaningful footballing weekend of the season before we can get our teeth into some International Friendlies and eventual furniture throwing in Russia.

First up, at Wembley the £0.28Billion game between John Terry and Fulham to decide who gets the honour of playing against Cardiff and Wolves next season. All eyes will be on @TKC and @Aggpass, probably.

Then, crack open a Gazprom because we’re off to Kyiv! It’s the Champions League final as the whole nation, including Man United and Everton fans, unite behind the white knights of (ironically) Liverpool - the only brave boys who can prevent indisputable baddies Real Madrid from winning their 3rd large trophy in a row. Nobody wants to see that.

I’ve asked around, and Liverpool and their fans have promised that if they win, they won’t mention it beyond the end of bank holiday Monday, so let’s get behind them, eh?


U21s play China today at Le Toulonoi


Who do you think will win

  • Villa
  • Fulham

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  • Real
  • Liverpool

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My head says Real, my depleted bank account says Liverpool 3-2 with Ronaldo as first goal scorer.


bit nervous for it


one of ua shouldve gone up autoatically while the other humps Cardiff in the final today


93rd minute Grabban goal off his arse to win it 1-0 would.be.lovely.
The champs league final is lose lose. Liverpool fans will be even more unbearable if they win and Madrid are awful.


Good luck @TKC and Good luck @Aggpass :champagne: :arrow_double_up:


I hope the real winner is football and spirit of fair competition


And also Fulham


Haven’t been looking forward to a CL final like this for a fair few years, could go any way depending on which Liverpool and which Madrid turn up.





Only one game this bank holiday weekend… Coventry City vs Exeter City in the L2 play-off final! #pusb


Can only see one winner tonight; complete and utter misery


Three minutes in, want to see Terence Trent Alexander fly two footed through the back of Chrissy Ron. Mass brawl. Ramos and Ronaldo sent-off. Trenty booked. Liverpool win 8-0 and the Bernabeu burns down.


BT sport are showing highlights of every recent champos final btw


I genuinely can’t see any possible scenario where Real don’t shit the bed tonight.


@Aggpass seen the Fulham video of rx players giving support?

lovely to see Alain Goma
Berbatov looks weird


Also, i was looking at the two clubs routes to the final. Fucking hell. Chalk and cheese. Liverpool have played one good side (a team who they’ve barely lost against for fifty years), Real have played Spurs, Dortmund, PSG, Juve, Bayern.