Weekend Football Thread

Arsenal to further quell crisis talk with a comfortable win over a Pulis side that have reached 40 points. Rest of the Prem fixture look like a right bunch of bumdingers, might be a couple of decent scraps in the relegation battle. In the Championship it’s impossible to see Fulham throwing away a play-off place, and there’s Leeds Brighton later.

There are no games being played in the Premiership on Sunday. You are cordially invited to pretend to watch Atletico vs. Sevilla instead.

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Bournemouth Swansea could be good but there’s not a looker in the rest of the bunch.

Reckon Leeds will do Brighton later. Good job Huddersfield lost yesterday though!! #seagulls

Fair weather fans


Chelsea to drop points at Stoke.

Wet shit more like!

Aye, any interest is going to be at the bottom end of the table. Palace v Watford and Bournemouth v Swansea might be … ok. Fortunately it’s the international break after this weekend, so we can enjoy some proper football.

Did consider going to FGR v Wrexham today, but it clashes with the rugby annoyingly.

Arsenal fans really are the gift that keeps giving, aren’t they?

I’m in the train to meet friends for lunch and drinks before Palace v Watford.

We have to win today as we’ve got a tough run coming up. If we lose I think we’ll likely go down.

Kloppo doesn’t lose games against the other top clubs. Just one of twenty over two years, and that was a smash and grab.

Think i’ll just starve myself of sleep until about 4pm tomorrow and hopefully not rise til Tuesday. They bloody love playing us.

No idea what you’re wittering on about, mate. Nothing’s happening tomorrow.


Ah the cunts actually did the plane with the wenger out banner thing. Fuck sake.

You’re all laughing at Arsenal fans without even realising it’s just Brexit in a microcosm i.e. not funny at all. The dismantling of all Good Things like emotional affinity and meaning, the triumph of knowing and wilful stupidity and aimless bitterness.

…with the internet facilitating it all, turning us all into living husks


Steve Stone :anguished:

The new josh widdicombe football podcast has Le Tiss talking about Ali Dia, surprisingly alright

Not like arsenal to start slowly

Ffs there’s a pro-arsene plane too now

Lukaku is gonna be dropped for the Hull game innit :toilet:

Yeah guys jokes on us, not Arsenal.


I really wish they’d stop taking the piss out of us :frowning:


Where did I say that?

Up there