Weekend Football Thread


I said it’s not funny, not sure how you’ve managed to misread that but never mind, not like it’s the first time eh.


I might be teasing you a little bit


textbook pulisian execution of an arsenal player there, james ireland caught up in the st paddy’s spirit and so too the ref




Robson-Kanu ffs


Ben Brereton is looking rather good, I really hope he doesn’t move too soon. Liverpool are supposedly about to squid him up for £10m. Reckon we’d be stupid to let him go without significant add ons.


Not funny at all, this.


It’s still funny just not “ha ha” funny


Jesus christ this fucking place.


living husks, the lot of us


arsenal have made complete mugs out of all us today


Going to be really intriguing to see how Spurs manage to finish below this shower.


It will be their greatest acheivement to date!


well when it does happen it will not be funny and something about living husks.


Joylessness, sadness, fraud.


I like how literally no one is talking about West Brom being kinda decent (not just here, in general) but I guess that would involve praising Pulis for something


With this result and Everton playing hull at home it might be tricky for us working out how to stay sixth


Say what you like about Mugabe, but he never lost the Arsenal fans quite like this!


Eh, he’s Pulis’d arsenal so many times now it’s barely worth a comment


Yeah, I think that everyone’s ignoring it, partly for that reason and partly because everyone just kind of assumes them to be bumbling around in mid table obscurity.

In reality they’re actually pretty good, no shame in losing to them really.