Weekend Football Thread

because why not get your anti bants in early

Lukaku slams the racist chant
Nigel Pearson goes to Belgium
Villa v Forest in a humdinger tomorrow

First visit to Folkestone Invicta’s ground tomorrow.
First time providing live commentary on-line for folk unable (or unwilling) to travel.
Not the first time I’ll be doing the match report.

£10 return train tickets from St. Pancreas as well. Nicely done SouthEastern, you unreliable bunch of beauts.

Ah, I cannot wait to see what opposition the team I support are facing this weekend.

checks fixtures

Fucking fuck fucking Stoke fucking shower of pricks.

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Looking forward to the logical acrobatics to make palace nailed on for a win at the etihad


looking forward to Brentford giving Bolton their first win of the season tomorrow, being bottom of the table and still probably not binning off our manager for some reason. 3-0 Bolton.

New manager bounce

Can’t see a bigger game than Leeds v Ipswich this weekend.

Dunno who we’re playing.

It’s the first of approximately 26 of this season’s Celtic v Rangers games tomorrow. Ibrox, 12pm.

Celtic should win, but Rangers will probably win one of these eventually. Hopefully it’s a good old-fashioned dust-up with 5 red cards.


Y’all still got Scott Brown playing? Him to chop through someone an hour in. :muscle:t2: :red_circle:

Oh yeah it’s the Sheffield derby which is going to be un-fun

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Bit fucking eraly mAte jFC

Yeah. Don’t know if Bruno Alves is fit for Rangers, but him and Brown to be sent off for stamping on each other could be a decent bet.

Sunderland away. Will be dissatisfied if we get anything less than a two goal win margin.

Thought yesterday’s Football Weekly Extra was really good. Great guests, wide range of topics, decent bantz. Think it’s been revitalised tbh.




Gonna give it a listen in a bit. What do you think to the total football podcast?

Not given it a shot. Would be interested in #onions, bit bored with the Ramble now.

I listened to Monday’s Total Football one yesterday - it was very similar to AC Jimbo era Guardian, quite honestly, only with different guests (and no Barry), obvs.

I’m not entirely sold on Max Rushden, tbh, although I think that’s a legacy of him having fronted Soccer AM and with Tim Lovejoy and Andy Goldstein being belms of the highest order.

Will continue to listen to both for a few weeks before coming to a decision.

It’s pretty much the same format as last year with a bit more swearing. The formats to both shows are very similar, as is to be expected I guess. Couldn’t get on with Ramble