WEEKend Football Thread




Nfm, c.
This was good though


I highly doubt the football team I regularly support will win today.


I’d be absolutely staggered if City even got a point at Stamford Bridge.

Huge gulf in quality between those two teams, imho.



Stuck an anti-bants fiver on palace to win and a draw. 20/1 for the former, 7/1 for the latter. 0-0 is 16/1, too


Dangerous side, Huddersfield


In all seriousness though we’ve been missing Dembele and Wanyama a lot. Winks is decent but it’s asking a lot of him to fill in for those two





My team are gonna fucking smash it today :muscle: :muscle: 3-0 Latics :soccer: :trophy: :eggplant: :sweat_drops:

~looks up fixtures~


Walsall at home. I stand by my original statement.


Got Bolton, the Gavin McCann/Zat Knight/Sasa Curcic derby!


:heart_eyes: that’s the positive spirit we like to see


Oh sorry, forgot to do this right

Cant see us getting anything here, put £500 on Bolton to win. Printing money


Put my standard £1 14 home wins accy on. See you all tonight when I’ve got an extra £11,000 in my bank account OI OI :money_with_wings: :moneybag::cocktail:


Love me a bit of Muller. He’s a proper character.


Nathaniel Clyne?


Oooh not done of those in a while. We all know that’s the real quiz.


Spurs should concoct an elaborate plan to fool Kane into thinking the Premier League is going to start in September from next season. Change all the calenders, pre record all his TV, get his family on board…


Burton away for the Wolves. Pretty much meaningless now after we threw the season away on Wednesday night though. 1-1 probably. Not interested tbh.


Ooh an early hamburgling.