WEEKend Football Thread

quite the humdinger i should think

Brentford are away to Middlesbrough. Have lost every single match to them since we went up to the Championship, don’t expect that to change today. 3-0 Middlesbrough :toilet:

Optimistic Huddersfield will emerge after the break and smash Spurs.

Although it is a WC year - could we convince him the tournament starts in September?


Kane has scored 13 goals this month. Insane

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Struggling to confirm this but I reckon that might match the best month of Messi’s best season

Remember messi scoring 8 in 6 days once so doubtful

Can’t remember if those Messi goals came against West Ham and APOEL or not…

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Hmm this is the best source I’ve found in the meantime. Not to say Messi hasn’t actually bettered it, but it’s still mad. And @bugduv, you’re happy to talk about Messi routinely scoring against binmen when it suits :joy:

Aye. Turned out he did score 13 for the month I was thinkin of. Harry kanes a brilliant striker and any attempt to qualify that would be very needy


On the contrary, i think goals against poorer teams are the worst measure of a top quality striker. It’s why Aguero’s so much better than anyone else in England, because such a high proportion of his goals (well over 20%) come against the top sides. Other top strikers around half that.

Didi Hamann brutally pantsing Lovren is making me chuckle like mad


Think scoring regularly is the most important thing. No point being a great striker if you’re not scoring against the majority of teams. Ideally, you score lots of goals, spread out over games rather than in clutches, you score match winning goals and, yeah, you score in the big games too. Aguero has definitely been the best striker in England for a number of years, but I think Kane is right up there with him now.

Wouldn’t argue with that. Got five years on him as well. Meant more in the case of Messi, whose career for me’s defined by relentless big game moments rather than hatricks against Getafe or Malaga.

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So it looks like both Dann and Tomkins are out meaning Damien Delaney starts.
Plus we’ve got Bakary Sako up front and Jordan Mutch even makes the bench along with a striker we signed from Margate.

7-0 to United.

United -4.

But plenty of those, too.

Messi’s the best footballer I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even close.

He’d probably still be the best footballer I’ve ever seen if he’d scored half the goals he has. That’s the remarkable thing.


Huge match at Toyota Park this evening!

4th place Chicago Fire (15-10-6, 51 pts.) vs. 2nd place New York City FC (16-8-7, 55 pts.)

Both teams trying to grab a top two spot and avoid the first round of the playoffs. It’s the first game I’ve been really excited to attend. There’s a rumour a large number of NYC fans are travelling, so there may even be a hint of an atmosphere!

Get out

oh right, yeah. kane isn’t better than messi.

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