Weekend football thread


Manchester derby
The other one oop north (Leeds v Huddersfield obvs)
Arsenal v soton and Liverpool v Leicester could hum some dings
Burnley v hull…

Let’s chat




Literally nobody wants to watch Burnley v Hull. Aliens could land on the pitch and it would still be last on Match of the Day.


Who do you think will win?

  • Man Utd
  • Man City
  • Draw (0-0)
  • Score draw

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On my acca, I got to that and was literally like… errrr idk. DGAF. :joy:


genuinely quite excited


Boring 1-1 here we come


Just hope Mourinho doesn’t eye gouge Brian Kidd.


Find the fact that Kidd is still bumbling around really charming.


TWO goals? You optimistic man.

4-4 draw, three red cards, two pens (one saved), and national treasure Clattenburg wagging his finger at a naughty diver.


He gets to operate the subs board on Tuesday!


Acca sub-thread?


Hull win 8-2 with a 13 year old in goal, Mike Phelan invents an entire new formation and Mourinho gets manager of the …day


Off to see Wolves play. In a box


RE: manager of the month being awarded by Twitter poll, apparently the vote only counts for 10% of the decision (i.e. is completely pointless). Justice is served and Phelan gets it over Mourinho.


Derby day for Newcastle too!

We’re playing Derby. Really short odds on Pearson being threatening throughout.


We should take this elsewhere.


There was no option for Football.

Similar response to that other derby happening down the road from my house which also promises to be a good-natured affair enjoyed in the true spirit of the game.



Honours even, to be continued, the chess game continues #narrative #fuckoff