Weekend + Football + Thread


Liverpool beat Chelsea last night.
Seems to be quite a generic set of fixtures this weekend.
Who’s your fantasy league captain?
Anyone going to a match, please update this thread with a full match report featuring photos


Don’t play fantasy, but this is my captain


Ibra’s mine.

We’ve got Fulham at home. I remember when that was a Division 3 fixture (I still use my champions mug from that season, 20 years ago, heh). We really fucking need to start picking up wins. 1 in 7, ouch. Still, at least Blackburn are hilariously shit.





Not a looker in the bunch today, Everton V Boro probably has the most potential?

Going to Spurs tomorrow, my in depth analysis is - home win


Exciting trivia question!

Which German footballer has made the most Premier League appearances?


was mine until this week. swapped him for ginger kev, ain’t I






Robert Huth?




Exciting trivia question 2: Boogaloo Electrique

Which French footballer has made the most Premier League appearances?


Guys, say someone wanted to watch a game of, I dunno, football that wasn’t being broadcast elsewhere, on something like the internet, what would you recommend as the best way to go about it?

Asking for a friend.




Think my go-to streamer is cricfree. Not at home so exact URL evades me. Doesn’t work on iPhone / iPad though, cos it uses flash.




Dustbin Distin?




Yeah reckon this is right actually