Weekend + Football + Thread


469 premier league appearances and no longer counting


Most appearances by an outfield player iirc.


Him and Dunny were rock solid for a few dark years


thats Barry innit

Football Focus just did cake puns and quickly changed Joe Tart to Bakewall Hart


Paddy v?


Foreign outfield player I think.

Bloody foreigners.


Think I broke my record of cba’ing with fantasy football at the earliest opportunity.

Reckon I’m still not doing too badly though, brb gonna check.


oh yeah, gave up when i forgot to take Aguero out lol


Forgot about the Friday night game so had no changes from last week. Fucked it


Was a bit #irked that there wasn’t a lunchtime kick-off, then spied Cardiff v Leeds. Not gonna bother watching, but that sounds like one of those fixtures with a couple of red cards in it.


I dropped Lovren thinking they were gonna concede loads…shit


I was CONVINCED I had Mane and Captain Shitbeard in my squad. Apparently not. Last night’s game gave me the grand total of TWO points (Hazard). FFS. Not even bother doing an accy, stupid sport really.



Probably the shittest Saturday/Sunday set of PL fixtures ever


Looking forward to the continuation of Slaven Bilic’s punditry career.


How bad are West Ham this season? Letting in three goals against West Brom who normally don’t even shoot.


lol just realised i’ve been posting in the friday football thread.

none of my posts were important.


Oh btw Iwobi is the real deal. Has beautiful poise and rhythm to his game, gets in good areas and links up perfectly. In year or two he should easily be a 30 goals + assists player.


Him and Wilshere will be unstoppable