Weekend Football Thread


what happened to the glory days when this would have been posted at 6pm on Friday eh?

anyway, today’s English EPL Premier League fixtures are:

  • Man Utd V Leicester could be good but I’ll be at Nando’s and will never know. Get your formations in below Leicester fan(s)!

  • Everton visit Bournemouth’s £80bn super squad, something about wigs.

  • Liverpool beat Hull 3-0

  • Man City lose against good side Swansea 5-0 probably

  • Arsenal V Chelsea should be good, late match too so Jose can get down in time to break some faces

  • Other matches likely to happen and provide either 3, 1 or 0 points for all sides involved.

In the Championship, Wolves beat Brentford, Abraham scores for Bristol City and Will Grigg scores for Wigan. Some matches are probably played too.

Probably some matches on Sunday too, haven’t checked. West Ham, Burnley and two others probably involved?

Bet someone else posts a thread by the time this goes up.





fucking excited for the match later, feels BIG. we’ve looked good lately, while chelsea looked leaden against pool so i’m gently optimistic (against my better judgment, maybe).


Thierry Henry got 90 minutes every week. Rooneys scored more goals despite occasionally being a sub. Yet people still think he’s overrated


team looks so so much better without him barnacling it up.

herrera-pogba will be interesting to see, slightly surprised mou’s gone with it. united fans must be quite happy?


Aye. Surprised Fellaini has been dropped as thought he’d be useful against a team like Leicester, but Pogba-Herrera is an interesting 2 if we have to play 4-2-3-1.

Think we might struggle defensively again with Blind back at LB but we’ll see


We have Newcastle tonight. Should be a belter of a game. newcastle are still crying about 2009 too


fucking love Mata


Arsenal Chelsea is always a weird one. Logic says the home team should win handily, but somehow they always conspire to shit themselves against the Blues.Which of course is the way it’ll be today.


anyone got a reliable ‘stream’ for the game? my usual source is fucked today for some reason. asking for an all timer, natch


I know City have been doing okay with Sagna, Clichy and Kolarov at centre back occassionally, so the actual players sometimes aren’t as important as the system and organisation, but that back 4 looks ropey as all hell doesn’t it?

Oh and Deon Dublin somehow still thinks that Rooney should be starting.


2000 and whine


Love a good Villa Newcastle game


Same game as steven taylors assassination :d. Hope its a blooter today


bolton - bradford should probably be televised, pretty tasty as far as league one matches in september go


Fuck, forgot to update my fantasy team for the third week in a row!

Fairly close game so far…


Smalling is so shit on the ball


good with his head though


You’re not wrong there :laughing: