Weekend football thread




Leeds play Shteeves Derby. Can imagine us struggling away from home


This weekend we may pay our last respects to the full-back formerly known as Pablo Zabaleta.

Aguero, de Bruyne and Sterling all rushed back from injury too soon as well, and the small matter of Barca midweek.

City 0 Everton 2.


Finally! :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:

Today I’m thinking of…
#A Ballon d’Or Winner



Allan simonsen, or stoichkov!


Aw close, it was… Jean-Pierre Papin.

Thanks for playing! Talk to you soon.



Maybe next time!


Chelsea v Leicester is the last game I’ll be able to watch for the next fortnight, so hoping for a humdinger



Aberdeen 2-0 RossCo
Celtic 4-1 Motherwell
:hearts: 2-1 Dundee
Partick Thistle Nil 1-0 HamAc
St Johnstone 2-1 Kilmarnock

yeah, going for home wins today[/spoiler]


aberdeen 1 - 0 ross county
celtic 3 - 0 motherwell
hearts 2 - 2 dundee
partick thistle 1 - 1 hamilton
st johnstone 2 - 0 kilmarnock :frowning:


Have you ever predicted a Manchester City victory?


Victor Moses still getting games. Fair play to him, I guess





Any sort of result is better than what we normally do against Swansea for some reason, so here’s hoping. Could be a good day for us, what with City and Spurs each with ‘tricky’ opponents. Probbably won’t be though.

Not sure I can be arsed to watch Chelsea comfortably dismantle Leicester.


Not sure even Sky should have the gall to describe tomorrow’s games as Super Sunday. Obviously Man City v Everton is the pick of today’s matches. Everton are a good side, but City should win comfortably, really.

In other news, Wrexham are away to Stamford in the Cup after sacking Gary Mills this week. An embarrassing defeat almost guaranteed.


Watford have been good value this season imo


Costa as captain keeping my fantasy team afloat once again
Still would rather he shit himself continuously and then fucked off forever but bloody hell he’s reliable atm


Who even is Bob Bradley




Always seems like he might do something, but other than physical assault never actually does.