Weekend football thread



Flukey fuckers


don’t know what you’re talking about mate. he’s one of the most decorated world class centre halves in world football.


That’s like saying I shouldn’t laugh at Fernando Torres


Would have liked to have gone to Newcastle v Brentford today but couldn’t really justify the cost of the train up there and it’s a lot of effort to see us lose 3-1, so haven’t gone. oh well.


Hope footballing nice guy Nacer Chadli doesn’t haunt us today!!

Can’t see it really - Spurs win!!



Would’ve liked to have gone, but I’ll save my £35 and watch it on Sky instead.

We’ve played really well in the big games so far (Blues away and Newcastle away) so hopefully it’ll be a miserable start for the dinner lady.


That touch from Pedro was sexy as fuck


we really need to get another club audit going here. completely lost track of who supports who.

Ajax: adybongo
Arsenal: adybongo, still_here, royter
Barcelona: nestor
Bradford: shrewbs
Brentford: breakfast t england
Cardiff: ruffers
Chelsea: profk, pervo
Citeh: parsefone, bugduv
Deportivo: profk
Leeds: nestor, matt was taken
Nottingham: royter
Scottish: cow, lo-pan
United: antpocalypse, jordan numbers
West Brom: gonad
Wolves: urbanfox

please add your name below.


Ghana, Germany, Scotland, Partick(?), Norwich, One of the german clubs (Hertha?): @Severed799
Fulham, Colchester: Me
Bournemouth: @labmonkeywigwigwigwigwig


If I was a west brom fan I’d probably want Chadli to score m8!!

COYS till I die


Feels like there’s about 15 more united fans we’re forgetting
Feel like NoahVale supports someone like Derby or some crap midlands side
Also missing umlaut pretending anyone cares about west ham


Umlaut and @The_Excession are both hammers
@NoahVale is Derby
@TKC is villa
some needy prick pretends that Cardiff are a thing




not Ghana, I just loved their strip/style in the last world cup

Germany, casually, only because Scotland are so shite/because of girlfriend/best strips innit

Partick and Norwich yes

I don’t really support a German club, I’ve been to see Union Berlin the most, however, my girlfriend is a St. Pauli fan so these two mostly. I just enjoy the Bundesliga in general and have a passing interest in Hertha (because Berlin) and Dortmund because they’re sound cunts.

Thanks for asking (via bants)


Also West Ham was Chairman_LMAO, if he still exists.


No bants intended (seriously). Bar Ghana I was pretty close to bang on


I know we’re not allowed to mention Scottish football specifically so

cowcow: Kilmarnock
Lo-Pan: Rangers
Me: Partick Thistle Nil
ThierryEnnui, SenorDingDong: Sellick

There was a Motherwell fan floating about for a bit too


Pompey: @Donnie
Wigan: @29_Coca-Cola
Hudders: @boothyfearssatan
Oxford United: @stupidsexyflanders (?)




That flick, so lovely. Made me want to take it to the fair and win it a goldfish.