Some big matches this weekend, blah blah fucking blah.



Who are England going to SMASH

draw 2 and fudge a 1-0 against


Praying for RUS - ENG as opening match



who are we supporting

  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Belgium
  • South Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
  • England
  • Spain
  • Nigeria
  • Costa Rica
  • Poland
  • Egypt
  • Iceland
  • Serbia
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Uruguay
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Senegal
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Switzerland
  • Croatia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • Peru

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It doesn’t matter


It matters an equal amount to anything else on this silly globe


I think you know that isn’t true


There are some things that matter a bit more than others but ultimately we’re all just flying through space on a rock for a minute, it’s all pretty inconsequential really


There will be a ‘Super Saturday’ just like last time. Four matches in a row. Times below in GMT.

Saturday 16 June

C1 vs C2 (Group C) - 11am, Kazan Arena

D1 vs D2 (Group D) - 2pm, Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

C3 vs C4 (Group C) - 5pm, Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

D3 vs D4 (Group D) - 8pm, Kaliningrad Stadium


looking forward to being VERY pissed by the time the last one starts

  • 50 Bentleys in the West indies
  • Pocket full of cheese
  • Garden full of trees
  • FIFA world cup 2018 draw

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Last time the England vs. Italy match was meant to be a 2am kick off. Would have been carnage.


Hoping for some goof food and drink options for the England group match opponents.
One of my mates has anti england house parties with matched food and drink to the opponent


Everyone’s had a drink


one thing about the draw i care about is that our possible routes through the competition involve as few games as possible during normal working hours


Wales have NOT qualified


Don’t think anything will top being party to one of my friends solemnly burning his Rooney shirt in the back garden after England’s last embarrassing World Cup exit. Everyone was absolutely sloshed and it got really emotional. I’m just standing there looking through the kitchen window in fits of laughter


great stuff


are You gonna support Spain instead?